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Who is mummy G O? Why is she trending on social media? Well, Mummy G.O has joined the list of people thrilling people and putting smiles on their faces with their controversial prophecies and revelations. Here we shall look at the Mummy G O biography, net worth, age, etc.

Funmilayo Adebayo
Funmilayo Adebayo (Mummy GO)

Funmilayo Adebayo, popularly known as Mummy GO, is a Christian Evangelist born on June 15 1970 in Ogun State, Nigeria. She is a proselytize Christian preacher and the founder of the ‘Rapture Proclaimer Evangelical Church of God’.

Mummy G.O has become popular and well known for her controversial teachings, especially about those that would be sent to hell for their wrongdoings. Here controversial prophecies about h3ll fire made Nigerians to nicknamed her Mummy G O (General Overseer)

Funmilayo came to spotlight with a different style of preaching, unlike Chukwuemeka Odumeje who entertain Nigerians by fighting the devil and performing miracles.

The controversial preacher has also revealed that the Nollywood actress, Tonto Dikeh, is not a human being by birthday. According to her, Tonto was originally born as an Egyptian man, but after he died in war, she was re-birth in Nigeria as female.

Mummy G.O also revealed that all the footballers in the world and break dancers would go to h3ll fire. She also said that those using master card will certainly go to h3ll, causing uproar on social media.

Mammy G O Age

Funmilayo Adebayo is 51 years old in 2022. She will be celebrating her 52 birthday on June 15 2022.

How Funmilayo Adebayo became a Christian

Mammy G O has narrated that she was once in the kingdom of darkness. And one day, she was going to h3ll fire to carry out an assignment. Suddenly, someone called her name, “Funmilayo”, and she was surprised, because nobody knew her real (earthly) name.

Who could have known her name in a place where people that know her or relations could never be found? So, she was set at a high speed and as she sped off, she heard her name “Funmilayo” for the second time.

She said;

“When I heard the name the third time and I turned to rebuke the person, I saw a very handsome, huge, awesome and attractive personality. Then, I sensed that Jesus Christ must have been calling my name.

“I also remembered that during our training in the kingdom of darkness, we were taught about Him. The name they call Him there is ‘Son of the Owner’. Nobody dares call ‘Jesus’ because the name is too strong and mighty that it shakes the kingdom to its foundation. Based on the way He was described as the most handsome, I was sure that the personality I saw was indeed Jesus.

“When I turned to face Him, I asked: “What can I do for you? Who are you?” He replied: “I need you” and I replied that I was going on a mission.

“He said that He knew that I was going on a mission. Immediately He said this, my body was on fire and I surrendered and said: “I will go with you, I will be with you.” I also told Him to, “send me, I will go for you.”

“But later, I made bold to tell Him: A servant cannot serve two masters. I have my own master. You know your people and your people know you. Why then are you coming for me?” But He said to me: “I own both you and your master. Heaven and earth belong to me. I own everything.”

“When I looked into His eyes, they were glittering like a burning fire and light that are incomparable with any other fire and light. They were so bright that I almost got blinded. Since then, my eyes are still not normal. I can’t see properly and I can’t read even a signboard or use glasses. I can only manage to read my Bible.

Mummy G O Net Worth

Funmilayo Adebayo Net Worth is estimated at $600,000 (USD).

Source: Nyscinfo

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