N-Power Support Page (Let’s SOLVE All N-Power Issues)

Are you an N-power applicant? Are you having issues to update your records or write the N-power online test on NASIMS portal? Whatever the case maybe, we are here to help you.

N-Power Support PageWe are not unaware that many prospective beneficiaries are experiencing varying issues regarding the N-power online test. However, the good news is that this page was created to solve your problems, and also answers some pressing questions.

So, how do you want us to help you?

Feel free to let us know about your challenges regarding N-power test in the COMMENT SECTION below. You can also ask questions!

Note: After asking your question, check back to this page after some minutes, by then you must have gotten a reply. Thanks you.

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Updated: March 15, 2021 — 4:59 pm


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  1. Asheik abba Ibrahim

    My account was blocked when a’m writing the test

  2. My account was blocked while trying to retake test due to network failure, I’ve sent a mail to support but still have not gotten any response. Please how can this be resolved

  3. I tried to login in my email but it is showing me account not found

  4. My Account Has Been Blocked While Re-Taking The Test… I Emailed “support.npower@nasims.gov.ng” and Even Called Their Numbers But Wasn’t Picked Either… How Can This Issue Be Solved Please???
    I Remain Loyal!


    Due to power failure in my area,I was unable to finish the test three times,i.e when I logged in,after some seconds,the light will went off.
    But now,my account has been blocked.
    Please help me rectify it, because,i did not intentionally logged out and logged in, please.

  6. my account has been blocked when writing exam pls help me

  7. The email I used in the npower registration is no longer in existence. Please help me to log in to my npower account so that I can change my email to the current one so as to enable me upload my details and write my test.

  8. My account was blocked while trying to take my test. What should I do

  9. Ishak Dahiru Bidazum

    My account has been blocked

  10. Please I can’t reset my password because it is showing me account not found but I registered last year

  11. I can’t validate my BVN stage successfully… Please help


      My BVN has been failing to validate

  12. I’ve been trying to validate my BVN stage for days now and it keep saying “transaction error, please try again later”. And it’s the same data I used to apply. Please I need help to cross that stage so I can write my test.

  13. Uzowulu chukwuemelie

    I seeing bvn validation failed . I can’t update my account.

  14. Good morning please I can’t update my data profile successfully is writing error

  15. Good evening sirs, My issues is that when I was writing the test it brings me back 3times to the dashboard, and now is telling me that my account has been blocked.pls I need your help

  16. I tried validating my BVN repeatedly and after saying BVN validation failed the next thing I see is that BVN has already been used

  17. Muhammad Sadiq Tukur

    Please I need your help my account has been blocked.

  18. Williams Sarki Jnr.

    Good afternoon, my profile have been updated but to take the online test, after clicking on it, it will load and just show me blank or empty white screen. What should I do to rectify the issue please. I want to write the online test. Thanks

    1. Cardoso olaseni emmanuel

      My account was blocked when I was attempting to take the test the third time. I have not submitted and rules say three trial attempt allowed. Pls unblock my account. NASIMS ID: NPWR/2020/003421280 REGISTERED ID: NPWR/2020/NT1-647738832,NAME: cardoso olaseni emmanuel, email: cardosomorenike@gmail.com

  19. The updated records go to the wrong column. For instance, if I upload a passport in its column, Certificate in it’s column and Nysc cert. in it’s column. If I click submit, everything will change, passport will go to certificate column and certificate will be uploaded in passport column, why? Then lastly, have they stopped the test? It’s not opening again.

  20. I have update all my details, to take test something went wrong, later verification failed now the portal is not even going through.
    PLs what can I do to write test please.

  21. Issue of bvn validation since two days now


    I can’t validate my BVN, Emmanuel is my first name on the BVN while Oluwashola is my first name on the application form what can I do in order to validate my BVN. and then take my test on the portal

  23. Pls when am carrying the test it would bring me back to dashboard 3 times and at the end of the day they told me that my account has been blocked without carrying the test pls help

    1. Am also having thesame issue what is the solution pls

  24. Akor Nguevese Emmanuella

    I am not able to edit my gender and local government

    1. Please i can’t take the test, the page is not opening

  25. Having issues to validate my BVN… And I’m putting the right details, but it’s still not working

    1. Okoro Daniel Njoku

      Please I have entered my corrected detail severally to update profile yet it saying try again later or BVN unable to be updated. What should I do next

  26. Uzoechi George Maryann

    please I can’t get my password ID in my Mail but they said message has been sent to my Mail already

  27. Racheal Phineas ushima

    I want to edit my profile,I uploaded the wrong document while editing my profile in NASIMS portal. And it has been updated.

  28. Agee Ahangba Isaac

    I registered and they are saying account not found when i want to do my validation

  29. Good day, I mistakenly use the wrong email to validate my BVN. Now I tried using the correct email to validate it, its showing BVN has already been used. Pls what us the way forward so I can have my test

  30. Issue of account validation is my problem

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