NAF DSSC Recruitment 2021 To Begin July 26

We are pleased to inform you that the online registration portal for the 2021 Direct Short Service Cadets (DSSC) Recruitment of Nigerian Air Force (NAF), will be fully accessible from on the 26th of July 2021.

Once the portal is open, all interested applicants can send in their applications until the closing date, which is 30th of August 2021.

Eligibility Criteria

Below are the criteria that must be met by interested applicants;

  1. Only applicants who are Nigerian and single are welcome to apply.

  2. Only Applicants that fall within twenty to thirty (20-30) years of age will be accepted. With the clause that those who were born before September 29th 1992 won’t be accepted.

The exceptions to the clause is given as;

a. Applicants For Medical Consultant: The ages accepted under this category are those that are within twenty-five to forty (25-40) years of age.

b. Applicants For Chaplain/Imam: The ages accepted under this category are applicants that are within twenty to thirty-two (20-32) years of age.

c. Anyone above thirty (30) years old isn’t welcomed, since the recruitment is not for serving personnel who would have wanted to serve as Branch commission of NAF.

  1. The least accepted height for male applicants is 5.4ft (1.66m) and for female applicant 5.3ft (1.63m).

How to Apply for NAF DSSC Recruitment 2021

Those interested in becoming an officer of the Nigerian Air Force (NAF) should endeavor to apply via once it’s the scheduled date for the commencement of applications.

For further enquiry, ensure you visit the official portal from on the 26th of July, for more guidelines and instructions. You can still get in touch with the support team through the following contacts; 09055840142, 08043440802, 09064432351; E-mail:

Note: There are no charges attached to the online application form of the NAF, hence no payment should be made throughout the entire process. Check Nigerian Air Force (NAF) Recruitment Past Questions & Answers (Free PDF Download).

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  1. Abdullahi m Bello

    I am good attention interested airforce to make will guide my country to help any puppies left request the millitry sure if don’t want get law enforcement I have been trying to catch bad pupils in the society .

  2. Abdullahi m Bello

    I am more interested about airforce millitry force but it is the one of them with my dreams if get the success.i swear me God help my country in security dipent thanks again to catch any bad pupils or amrober national and international airport.

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