How to Change Your Name on Nigerian Passport

This is how you can alter your name on your Nigerian passport. Young Nigerians and a few professionals who desire to change their names on their Nigerian foreign passport are increasingly asking this topic. We tried to change the subject or parry the subject most of the time, but it continued coming, necessitating the necessity to conduct research on how to change the name on the Nigerian International passport.

Bio Data Error

This could be due to a mispronunciation or an overly long name given to a child by an overprotective parent. When naming their child at birth, some parents may not consider future shame or repercussions. Names play an essential role in our life and should not be taken lightly.

Religious Conversation

The name assigned at birth may be discarded by someone who has switched religion. Alternatively, some people have abandoned their religious names in favor of a pure local or native name.

Professional Purpose

Some professionals may like to add a newly acquired professional titles to their names.

Switch of Nationality

An individual with dual nationality may desire a representation of his or her new country, such as a flag. Arab nations. This is something that many athletes enjoy. Some go so far as to entirely obliterate the past for reasons that are only known to them. Nobody can blame them; the decision is solely theirs.


A person may want to shorten a long name, expand an unfinished name, or consider it “old school.” In the 1950s and 1960s, it was typical to see young Nigerian students reduce the names given to them at birth. Wumi, Abdul, Lanre, Bola, and other similar names are completely incomplete names that were truncated from the given name at birth.


A woman who changes her maiden name or a man who marries into a well-known family may seek to connect with the well-known family. A Nigerian from the south of the country just married a Muslim woman in an Eastern Asian country and changed his name.


Some names are associated with idol worship or sound weird to the bearer.

It is an individual’s right to change his name if he can back up his reasons for doing so, as long as the change isn’t fraudulent.

Steps to Take for Change of Name on Nigerian Passport

  • The first step is to go to any Immigration Service passport office, which are located throughout the country and internationally.
  • Change your name by writing to the Comptroller General of the Nigerian Immigration Service.
  • Attach a written explanation of why you want to change your name on your Nigerian international passport to your application.
  • A high court affidavit of name change is required.
  • Back up your claim with a valid identification card, such as a driver’s license or a current association membership card. (If there are any)
  • Make an online payment of N33,000 (thirty-three thousand naira) for non-refundable administrative modifications for the processing of your application.

More on How to Change Your Name on Nigerian Passport

The next stage is to wait a few days for the Comptroller General of Nigeria Immigration Service to approve your application. Once approved, you must surrender your current passport and apply for a new foreign passport.

  • Attach two passport-sized photos that you recently purchased.
  • Make an online payment of N24,500 (twenty four thousand five hundred naira) for a basic Nigerian passport, then go through the picture acquisition, thumb printing, and electronic signature formalities.

Last, wait for your passport to be issued.

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