Salary of Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Officers

If you have interest to join the Nigeria Customs Service (NCS), you will find useful information concerning their salary structure, ranks, and other useful information concerning the Nigeria Customs Service.

Salary of Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) OfficersIn case you never knew, the Nigeria Customs Service is a Government-owned agency charged with the responsibility of revenue collection and accounting, and also carry out monitoring of the nation’s land borders to check illegal activities such as smuggling of contraband goods into the country and trafficking of persons outside the country.

The Nigeria Customs Service also acts as a regulatory body that controls the nature of goods that comes in and leaves the country.

The Nigeria Customs Service was established in the year 1891 as a paramilitary organization and is under the supervision of the Federal Ministry of Finance.

As part of its mission statement, the Service is a reference and model organization with greatness in offering powerful and productive support to achieve all elements of its set goal.

The services of the NCS are cutting edge, dynamic, strategic, and effective towards Nigeria’s advancement.

Specific duties which are peculiar to personnel of the Nigeria Customs Service include but are not limited to the following; registering and licensing of Customs agents, collection of Customs revenue, checking Foreign Exchange usage, processing of Manifests and Statistics generation for Government’s budgeting and planning.

Salary of Nigeria Customs Service (NCS) Officers

As stated earlier, the Nigeria Customs Service is a paramilitary Government organization and as such, every officer in the Service is assigned a rank.

The salary structure of the NCS is also of a peculiar framework – the Consolidated Para-military Salary Structure (also known as CONPASS).

The updated annual basic salaries of Nigeria Customs Service personnel according to their ranks are as shown below;

  1. Customs Assistant – N298,506 to N330,321.

  2. Assistant Inspector of Custom -N357,358 to N411,484.

  3. Inspector of Custom – N483,014 to N567,065.

  4. Assistant Superintendent of Customs (II) – N888,956 to N988,991.

  5. Assistant Superintendent of Customs (I) – N1,012,562 to N1,143,539.

  6. Deputy Superintendent Customs (DSC) Officer – N1,094,027 to N1,252,038.

  7. Chief Superintendent Customs (CSC) Officer – N1,158,172 to N1,325,234.

  8. Assistant Comptroller – N1,225,584 to N1,405,449.

  9. Comptroller – N1,759,829 to N1,966,281.

  10. Assistant Comptroller-General – N2,272,288 to N2,464,560.

  11. Deputy Comptroller-General – N2,480,000 to N2,570,000.

  12. Comptroller-General – N2,500,000 to N2,870,000.

Otherperks which come by working with the Nigeria Customs Service include; transport allowance, meal subsidy, hazard allowance, house maintenance, uniform maintenance, utility, furniture allowance, hardship allowance, plain cloth allowance, torchlight, personal servants for high ranking officers, and general services.

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