Nile University Of Nigeria Scholarships: All You Need To Know

It is time for you to make your long dream of getting a scholarship a reality. Every year, thousands of scholarships are announced in Nigeria for Nigerian students, but unfortunately, many scholarships seekers don’t know about this crucial information that could help them actualise their academic dreams and career objectives. In this article, we show you the conditions you need to meet to be qualified for the award of the 2021/2022 Nile University of Nigeria scholarships.

A Brief about Nile University

Nile University of Nigeria was established in Nigeria to provide higher education training to Nigerians. It is located in FCT Abuja. The university award degrees in all officially accredited courses in higher education.

What are the criteria for qualification for the Nile University of Nigeria?

Undergraduate Programs:

Scholarships could be offered to undergraduates based on their WAEC and JAMB results, according to the announcement made by the Board of Trustee of Nile University of Nigeria. The following are the criteria upon which applicants may be granted scholarships:

• WAEC Scores Discount

6A1 – 10%
7A1 – 20%
8A1 – 30%

• JAMB Scores Discount

240 – 10%
260 – 20%
280 – 30%
300 – 40%

Applicants who scored 320 and above, plus 6A1 will be offered 100% scholarships, except those who want to study Law and Medicine.


The most outstanding performer in a national or professional sporting event will be offered 100% scholarship. Although such individual must be a representative of Nile university.

Guidelines for Undergraduate Scholarships

• Only current Jamb and WASSCE results will be used
• Awardees of the scholarships must maintain a minimum of 3.50 CGPA to retain the scholarship
• Awardees must not be found wanting for any misconduct
• Should there be need, the university reserves the right to end the scholarship.

Post-graduate Programs:

• First-class graduates of Nile University get 50% scholarships (Masters only)
• Second-class will be offered 20% scholarship
• PGD, MSc, MPhil, PhD will be offered 10% scholarship (Nile graduates only)

Discount Conditions for parents with more than one child in Nile University of Nigeria

• 2 children – 5%
• 3 children – 10%
• 4 children – 15%
• 5 children+ – 20%

Note the following:

• The children must be from the same parent
• The discount will be valid for the length of their studies

How to apply for Nile University Of Nigeria Scholarships

Method of Application:

To apply, visit

Note that all scholarships discounts apply only to the tuition fees.

Source: Nyscinfo

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