NIN Deadline: Check if your SIM has been blocked

Tuesday, 19 January is the set deadline for the National Identification Number (NIN) holders to link their NIN to their SIM Cards or have their lines blocked. Since the deadline has elapsed, you can check if your SIM card has been blocked over failure to link to with NIN.

Nin deadlineBefore we show you how to check if you SIM card has been blacklisted by the Nigeria Government, see how to check if you SIM card has been successfully linked to your NIN. If you have not linked your NIN to your SIM Card, Click Here to get started.

Recall that the Minister of Communications and Digital Economy extended the deadline for blocking unlinked SIM with NIN by three weeks (from December 30 2020 to January 19 2021 for those that have NIN already). But for those that are yet to register for NIN, an additional 6 weeks (February 9 2021) was given to them.

Prior to the Nigerian Communication Commission (NCC) announcement to block SIM because of NIN, no one had thought a day would come when NIN of a thing would be so important to where anyone who doesn’t have it risk losing a lot.

How to know if your SIM Card has been blacked

According to mobile operators, SIMs that have submitted NINs would not be blacklisted. So, if you’ve already successfully submitted your NIN to your mobile service provider, your line is not among those that have been blacklisted.

Yes, you will not be penalised because you have done what you are required to do to your service provider and NIMC. The penalty would be mainly for those who do not have NIN and who cannot send their NINs to their service providers.

So, if you have submitted your NIN to your service provider, there is no cause for alarm as your service providers have forwarded it to NIMC. See how to link your NIN to all networks.

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