Npower Batch C Applicant Got Shortlisted Without Taking Test

Information currently trending online is about an applicant of Npower Batch C program who got shortlisted without taking the mandatory online test on NASIMS portal.

The Management of Npower has reportedly screened and shortlisted some applicants of Batch C who didn’t go through the Npower test for biometric verification.

Many applicants who got good scores after the Npower test have not yet been shortlisted, while some that did not update their profile nor write test were shortlisted.

One of the Batch C applicants has openly seek advice from the general masses in this regards. According to him, he is being Shortlisted to proceed with the fingerprints capturing (biometric), without taking the test nor updating his profile.

See the screenshot below:

From this dude’s story, it is obvious that several persons were Shortlisted as well. Therefore, it will be nice if we come out to give our own stories regarding the Npower Batch C recruitment that is ongoing.

Kindly use the comment box below to drop your own stories, or give advise to others with an underlying issue like the applicant who gave this testimony.

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28 thoughts on “Npower Batch C Applicant Got Shortlisted Without Taking Test”

  1. I missed the test cos the portal was not logging me in to enable me update profile, now I just updated this morning, what’s my fate

  2. Timcit Nanpon

    Please I didn’t do the test and exam, can I be able to do the biometric? Please help.

  3. Torbua Tachia Gabriel

    It’s very exasperating,after the whole stress I’m not shortlisted yet,with 75% scores,comprehensive documents uploaded,in fact everything is accurate.

  4. Agbo ebere Judith

    I registered for n_ power when is time to write exam I enter my password and they said that it is wrong password up till now I have not write the exam what is the problem pls

  5. Lawal Nurudeen

    I got shorlisted for Npower to proceed with the Biometric and i didn’t offer the test at all.
    Please i need someone that can be of help.

  6. Olatiboye Olaleye

    I have done everything required by NPower, and I score 50% but yet to be shortlisted while have seen some applicants with lesser score been shortlisted

  7. Yes, I scored 80% and I was not shortlisted and those that scored less than 50% got shortlisted. Why

  8. Koko Adeniyi

    I have done my test and I saw the score, now I want to register for the next stage, I can see the test score and it keeps showing invalid ID,please sir/ma help me see to it. The affected ID IS NPWR/2020/001343408. Thanks sir

  9. Yusuf B. Aliyu

    Hopely this is not my last application to the Npower program, I attempted tries I wrote tests,I scored good marks but yet to be shortlisted for biometric, we heard some saying did nothing but successfully shortlisted, we do not know what is the problem?

  10. OMG! 😂 😂 😂
    I have been trying to connect what exactly is the criteria those people are observing to shortlist candidates but many other things are coming up.
    I firstly thought the test score must be high but I was wrong as I saw someone with 5% score has been shortlisted.
    I also started to think maybe it’s qualification but I never see a B.A/B.A (ED)/B.Sc/ (Ed) candidate with intact profile being shortlisted.
    Again, some people’s NYSC’S still on view and they scored less than I can Imagine but also get a Biometric capture option in their dashboards.
    There are people from N-Health who has been shortlisted and other denied all with very variable test scores.
    Now I come across this one who doesn’t even write test but get shortlisted🤔🤔🤔

    What I can only relate here are two things viz:
    -most of those who has been shortlisted have been granted a seat for follow up from stakeholders which are mostly senators which I confirmed.
    -second thing I didn’t confirm is gender inequality, I have done the profile update for several people who are from both genders but I come to realise that 60% of my successful applicants are females.

    This doesn’t make any sense to me but I’m sure it make sense to those who get follow up, those who get shortlisted and those who do the selection. Nigeria or UAR, I recommend we should stop doing “who do you know and who knows you” in federal government’s line of activities.

  11. I applied for n-tech I took the test and updated my profile
    I scored 85 and I’m yet to be shortlisted for verification

  12. I wrote the test and I score 55 I am yet to be shortlisted and each timw I login am seeing take test does it mean they have remove the score for everybody because I can’t find my own score again aside take test again

    1. Ojeje isah Abdul

      That mean we are in the same category. I scored 70% but I wasn’t shortlisted and I can’t view my score again.

  13. Audu Kafayat

    I tried imputing my password but it was saying wrong password until the test was over, but to my surprise when people where shortlisted I tried the same password and it went through. That was how I missed the test.

  14. Fagbemi Temitayo Arike

    Please I scored 60%, and I was not shortlisted and my profile is well uploaded, please help me out

  15. Good day.
    In my own case, while doing the online test, I was abruptly disrupted a couple of times. I had to start afresh each of those times. After a couple of such attempts, I got a pop up message saying my account has been suspended and I should contact support.
    I sent them a mail but to no avail.
    Anybody with similar case?

  16. Okazogie Evans Ifeanyi

    I did well in the test but I wasn’t profiles was very correct.

  17. I was in Abuja during Npower
    registration. I register three times with three differents Gmail.
    After somes days I was notice that, one senator who live close to where I am stay asking people to bring thiar phone number and Npower ID and I did.
    By the time when I wrote the test, the one that i submitted to the senator I scored 15%. And the second one I scored 60% and the last one I scored 45%. I wondered Npower sent me congrats through gmail that I scored 15%.

    1. It is not done based on score plus you were helped by a Senator, who cares about your score. But you are also greedy oo… Three accounts for just you?😂


    Nigeria is a big scam why not proper monitoring and measure to enable we that partaken on the test.
    It’s unfortunate that Nigeria has a country has lost her integrity to the politician in the name of godfather and godmother
    God no go shame us that tried our best but couldn’t shortlisted because we didn’t known anyone at the Top
    Last last we can still eat

  19. murtala hayatu

    To my surprise I have witnessed more than three people who have benefited from either Batch A or Batch B and also have been shortlisted in this ongoing Batch c

    1. That is called party after party.
      It is not only the government fault… Greed is part of our main problem in Nigeria. I’ve seen a man earning 480k and still doing Npower

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