Npower Batch C Stream 2 Deployment Update

The Federal Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs, Disaster Management, and Social Development has started deploying the Batch C Stream 2 Npower recipients, which is no longer breaking news.

However, yesterday’s “Deployment” abruptly ended a few hours after it started, which caused unrest among the Npower recipients.

The Npower management responded to the absence of the “Deployment” by assuring the Batch C Stream 2 Npower beneficiaries that the Deployment procedure would begin in full in a short while. They also urged them to practice some patience.

The Batch C Stream 2 Npower beneficiaries should also be aware that each and every successful beneficiary is required to be assigned to each state. So there is no need to be concerned. Patience is essential since humans, not robots, are keying in the deployment data.

The deployment of the Batch C Stream 2 Npower beneficiaries to their primary assignment locations is guaranteed to take place in this month of August and has already begun. However, official Batch C Stream 2 Npower Program activities are anticipated to begin in full in September 2022.

Since the official activities of the Batch C Stream 2 Npower recipients officially begin in September, payment of stipends to the beneficiaries must begin counting in September and be made by mid-October 2022.

When deployed, the Batch C Stream 2 Npower beneficiaries should use the month of August to find their Places of Primary Assignment, present the deployment letters to the head of PPA for approval or rejection, scan and upload the approval or rejection letter, and then take the appropriate action through the official NASIMS portal at

Because schools are off for the summer, Batch C Stream 2 Npower beneficiaries in the NTeach Category should get in touch with their Headmasters, Headmistresses, or Principals to get the Deployment letter signed.

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