Npower Update For Today Sunday 21 Nov 2021

Are you an Npower or NSIP beneficiary? If ‘yes’ then this post “Npower Update For Today Sunday 21 November 2021” is for you.

The National Social Investment Program (NSIP) which includes the Npower scheme has being made known by the Ministry of Humanitarian Affairs that it’s meant for all.

The inclusion of Persons with disability isn’t left out. Read also: Npower Payroll: What Does It Mean?

The management of Npower has also indulged Batch C beneficiaries with stipends payment issues to drop their account details on the official Facebook page.

Regarding stipend for the month of October, the management is yet to address it.

According to Nasims, they want to handle all issues concerning September payment before looking into that of October.

It is already known that some beneficiaries haven’t received their first payment and once it is not rectified before new payment it will become a big issue.

Nasims went on to let the general public know that any circulation about October payment is not from them and should be disregarded.

Beneficiaries are by this notice advised to visit the official social media platforms for genuine and reliable information.

Addressing the complaint by exited beneficiaries (Batches A and B) of the Npower scheme.
Nyscinfo is using this medium to let you know that there is no information yet about the Nexit program.

However, you should always visit our website for necessary update as soon as a statement is released by the management.

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