If Npower Verification Page is Blank, you have been Shortlisted

All the N-Power applicants should pay attention to this latest update from NASIMS management about Npower verification page being blank, not shortlisted, transaction failed and other issues encountered on NASIMS portal. After reading this post, kindly share until it gets to all Npower applicants.

First, I want to pass a valid information gotten from the N-Power/NASIMS Customer care agent this morning. According to the customer care agent, if your Npower verification page is currently blank, that means you have been selected to be shortlisted. Soon you will see a Congratulatory message on your dashboard. Also, be checking your email.

Second, if the Npower portal is showing transaction failed, it’s because of high traffic on the site. I got logged in after a series of persistent and continuous clicking. I kept clicking even when it would say “Transaction failed”. I checked and after again. I didn’t stop clicking and around the 17th time it logged in. So, the error is because of high traffic, that’s all.

I also think a 4G network will have a higher chance of logging in. If your phone is on 3G (H+) network, sorry because it will take a lot of time except you try it may be around 3am – 5am.

Third, if what you see is “Not yet shortlisted“, do not panic. Stream 1 and 2 shortlisting continues till the week runs out, so be patient and keep checking your dashboard.

Last, please before you do the persistent clicking like I said, please tick that small box that says “Keep me logged in”. So that when you finally login, it won’t be logged out again after a while.

Thank You All… Success to Everyone in this hustle.

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6 thoughts on “If Npower Verification Page is Blank, you have been Shortlisted”

  1. Happiness silas

    Please my verification page is blank please help..I need to know if am shortlisted or not please helppp..

  2. RAJi Hamdalah Damilola

    Please I need assistance please help me I need job am at home doing nothing, have not been verified please I beg help me please please please please please please please please please please 🙏😭

  3. RAJi Hamdalah Damilola

    Good evening sir/ma, please have not been verified I scored 35 Mark, please need help,

  4. Habeeb Adeyinka

    I can’t find my Check result link on my Npower batch C portal.. though I scored 60%, that because immediately I finished my test,I clicked on check result link. but I can’t find the link to check my result now. Pls help!

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