Npower Work Nation Test Cut Off Mark – Check Here

One of the most frequently asked questions today on N-Power WhatsApp Group is, “what are the cut of mark for Npower work nation test”? Knowing the work nation test cut off mark will enable you to determine if you qualify for the Next stage of the programme.

What is Npower Work Nation Test?

The work nation cut off mark is the minimum score required to get through the next stage of selection process in the programme. For example; an applicant who scored more than the cutoff mark will be shortlisted, and those who score below the cutoff point are more likely to be discarded.

Kindly note that Work nation test is a competitive exam, which is different from any other exams that you must have taken in schools. In the school test, candidates compete to make good grades, unlike WorkNation that you complete to be selected from thousands of other applicants.

There, in the school test, your success depends on how much efforts you have put in, but in work nation test, your success depends on how many people you scored higher than in the exam.

Work Nation Cut off Mark

Please note that the cutoff mark for the work nation test is 40%, but applicants are expected to score 70% and above in order to have a greater chance of being shortlisted. So, it is not a game of passing the test, but a game of scoring higher.

Therefore, if you have taken the Work Nation Test and Scored above 40%, you have passed the test, but selection will begin from the highest scores.

If you have not taken the Test, do not be in a rush, pause, think and make a good start. You may like to check how to write Npower work nation eligibility test.

If you have questions, kindly go to the comment section below.

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  1. I have been trying to submit my assessment but have been stuck at career selection stage as it selected everything and refuse me to deselect them. Thank you

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