NSCDC Salary Structure In Nigeria for Graduates

Information about the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence (NSCDC) salary structure is one of the most sought after details about any paramilitary organization in Nigeria, on the internet. The NSCDC has become a well-loved security arm of the country.

For those who may have thought otherwise, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps was created in 1967. It is, like the Nigerian Police, a paramilitary arm under the Nigerian government whose number one responsibility is to safeguard the citizens of the country from any internal threats and attacks.

The members of the corps are permitted to bear arms and, like other armed forces, there is a hierarchy in Civil Defence as there are different ranks for officers, depending on their qualifications, performance and year of service.

What are the official ranks of NSCDC?

β€’ Commandant General (CG highest rank) – Level 18.

β€’ Deputy Commandant General (DCG) – Level 17

β€’ Assistant Commandant General (ACG) – Level 16.

β€’ Chief Commander (CC) – Level 15.

β€’ Deputy Commander (DC) – Level 14.

β€’ Assistant Commander (AC) – Level 13.

β€’ Chief Superintendent Cadre (CSC) – Level 12.

β€’ Deputy Superintendent Cadre (DSC) – Level 10.

β€’ Assistant Superintendent Cadre (ASC I) – Level 9.

β€’ Assistant Superintendent Cadre (ASC II) – Level 8.

β€’ Inspectorate Cadre (CIC, DCIC, ACIC, PIC, IC, AIC) – Level 6 – 12.

β€’ Assistant Cadre (CAI, CAII, CAIII) – Level 2 – 5

What rank will a BSc holder get in the Civil Defence?

For degree holders from any Nigerian university, your rank will begin from Assistant Superintendent Cadre (ASC II) – Level 8. Whereas those with the Higher National Diploma (HND) will begin from level 7.

Master’s Degree holders who are lawyers start from level 9. Only medical doctors can begin as Chief Superintendent Cadre (CSC) – Level 12.

What is the NSCDC salary structure in Nigeria for graduates?

The Assistant Superintendent Cadre, Level 8 earn N121,000 per month, while Inspectorate Cadre earns N69,000 monthly.


At the time of press, recruitment to the Nigerian Security and Civil Defence will commence on Monday December 12. To submit your application, go to the NSCDC recruitment portal, as NSCDC officially announced the recruitment exercise. Note that recruitment announcement is always published on NSCDC website and their official Facebook and Twitter handles.

Source: Nyscinfo

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