NYSC Call-up Letter Printing Date For 2019 Batch C

This post contains the NYSC call-up letter printing date for 2019 Batch C Stream 1. Just read to the end.

A call up letter is a letter that NYSC sends to registered Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) calling them for National Service.

5 things NYSC call up letter will show you

Below are five important things NYSC Call-up letter will show you;

  1. NYSC call up letter will show you the State you are posted to serve,

  2. It will show you the Date you should report to NYSC Orientation camp,

  3. Call up letter will show you name and address of Orientation camp to go,

  4. It will show you basic NYSC camp requirements,

  5. Another thing NYSC call up letter will show you is your personal details including call-up number and Batch.

Note: Please, pay attention to the address of Orientation camp it will show you. This is because NYSC may post you to a particular State, and ask you to camp in a different State.

For example, NYSC can post someone to Abia State, and ask the same person to camp in Imo State Orientation camp. So, pay attention to the State you are posted, and address of Orientation camp you should go to.

NYSC Call-up letter printing date for Batch C 2019

Prospective corps members have been asking us to give them NYSC call up letter printing date for Batch C 2019.

The truth is that we at nyscinfo.com do not give or fix call-up letter printing date.

Only the NYSC management can fix a date. Our job is to help the Management pass information across to prospective Corps members.

However, we have the date already, and would also like to let you know so that you may not be taken unaware.

According to the NYSC source, call-up letter printing date for Batch C 2019 will begin on 2nd November 2019.

Note: If there is a bug in the server, it may take NYSC some times to fix it before you can print your call up letter.

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Updated: October 31, 2019 — 5:33 pm

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  1. I need ur help , I went to camp last week Lagos camp and dey send me back to my house that thumb print I did during my registration did not match with d one on there system , and dey ask us to write which I did and dey collect my call up letter, please I need your help oooooooooooo,,,, my question is that can I do another registration so that I can go with dis batch C stream 2 or not

  2. When are they going to camp?

  3. When are they going to post us

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