NYSC Call up Letter Printing Date for 2024 Batch B

This post is about NYSC call up letter and when 2024 Batch B Stream I will start printing their call up letters. Read carefully to the end.

A call up letter is a letter that NYSC sends to registered Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) calling them for National Youth Service program.

5 things NYSC call up letter will show you

Below are five important things the NYSC call up letter will show you;

  1. NYSC call up letter will show you the State you are posted to serve,
  2. Date you are to report to the NYSC orientation camp,
  3. Name and address of orientation camp to report,
  4. Basic camp  requirements and camp registration requirements,

Another thing NYSC call up letter will show you is your personal details including your Call-up number and Batch.

Note: Pay attention to the address of orientation camp on your call up letter because NYSC may post you to a particular State and ask you to camp in a different State.

For example, NYSC can post someone to Abia State, and ask the same person to camp in Imo State orientation camp. So, pay attention to the State you’re posted to, and address of the orientation camp.

NYSC Call up letter printing date for Batch B 2024 Stream I

Many prospective corps members have been asking us to give them the NYSC call up letter printing date for Batch B 2024 Stream I.

Please not that Nyscinfo.com does not give or fix call up letter printing date because it is not our responsibility.

Only the NYSC management can fix date. Our job is to help the Management pass information across to all prospective Corps members.

However, we have the date already, and would also like to let you know so that you may not be taken unaware.

According to a reliable source, the call up letter printing date for Batch ‘B’ 2024 Stream I is scheduled to commence from 6th to 10th November 2024.

Nysc call up letter printing date

Please, note that this date is subject to change, and because of the compulsory COVID19 test for all prospective corps members, the printing may commence before 6th, but must not exceed 6th November.

Please, stay with us for latest NYSC updates.

45 thoughts on “NYSC Call up Letter Printing Date for 2024 Batch B”

  1. I have completed my physical verification and it says successfull but it also says online evaluation not yet complete upload cert I did and still please what can I do

  2. I graduated last year and did my registration same year. I was supposed to go with batch A stream 1,but unfortunately,I was taken to batch A stream2 which happens o be Batch B. Is there any possibility that in will join the Batch B stream 1a?

  3. Please ooo, I want to ask dat what of us dat av done registration as at march n av call up number b4 d pandemic break,what r we to do so we can go with batch B stream 1A or we r automatically goin with d batch since we r done with registration b4. Tanx

  4. I have been cleared from my physical verifacation center at portharcourt. But I didn’t get my call up nimber. Because they said I should up load my data page of my passport. I have done that but my dashboard is still showing I have not been evaluated.

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