NYSC Camp Reopening: Relocated Corps Members To Report At Orientation Camp In New State

The Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Brig. Gen. Shauibu Ibrahim has said, on several occasions, that Batch ‘A’ 2020 Stream 1 Corps member are to return to Camp when it reopen.

However, this seems to be confusing relocated Corps members, as they do not know which camp to go. Whether to go their previous camp or the new camp? Read this post to the end to know where they are expected to go.

NYSC, through its social media channel has said, Corps members in relocation shall report at the Orientation Camp in their new respective states of deployment.

So, if you are in Batch ‘A’ Stream 1, and you got relocation approval, you are to report at the NYSC orientation camp in the new state. Note, if your relocation application is still ‘pending’ at the time of camp resumption, report at the previous camp as before.

Examples: Muhammad camped in Kano NYSC Orientation Camp before Covid19 chased them away from camp. Now, Muhammad has gotten relocation approval to Lagos, which camp should he go to? Answer: Muhammad should report at Lagos Orientation Camp, he has no business again with Kano camp.

NYSC official statement on where to report

Below is the question a Corps member asked NYSC, and the NYSC response.

Corps Members:DG was live on radio station yesterday and he said that batchA stream 1 are going back to camp, please Sir, are we going back to our initial state of deployment or to our new state we relocated to?”

NYSC Response: “If you are on relocation, you will report at the orientation camp in your new State.”

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