Our Greener Future Campaign 2021 By World Bank

Our Greener Future campaign is a global campaign introduced by the World Bank Group. It is actually meant to capture unique ideas from different participants all over the world.

Last year, World bank brought a special edition where youths were questioned regarding the pandemic. The question was “How they can contribute to the quick recovery from Covid19 pandemic”.

Ideas from the candidates were shared among high ranked decision markers and top profile personnel. Read also: Data Science Nigeria 2021 Energy Hackathon Competition

This year’s campaign is for participants to give possible actions their country/community could take to build a greener future.

Anyone within the age bracket of eighteen to thirty-five (18-35) years, is eligible to be part of the campaign.

Additionally, participants are to send either a one minutes (1mins) video, or photo with text responding to the campaign question.

“Three (3) actions your Nation/Community could take to build a greener, and more inclusive future.”

Submission Requirements For Our Greener Future Campaign 2021

Video entry requirements;

  1. All videos must not exceed a minute (1 min).
  2. Background of video must be noise free.
  3. Ensure the audio of your submission is audible enough.
  4. In situations such as filming in a car or noisy environment, you are to take the camera closer.
  5. Ensure the video isn’t shaky.
  6. No caption nor editing should be done on the video.

Note: Videos can be in French, Spanish or Arabic.

Photo entry requirements;

  1. Enter a photo holding a sign having your three points written on a cardboard/paper.
  2. Ensure the sign can be read.
  3. Ensure the three (3) points are including in written form.

How to be Among The Selected Participants of Our Greener Future Campaign 2021

Interested applicants can proceed with the application by clicking here, and follow the prompt to submit the application.

Selection Process

Applicants entry will be judged by officials of the World bank group, by August and September 2021. After which, selected persons will be sent emails by end of September to October 2021.

The solution presented by the entries, as well as creativity and originality, will be used to judge participants.

Closing Date

The application will end on the 19th of August, 2021.

For further information: Visit the official page of OurGreenerFuture Campaign 2021.

Source: Nyscinfo

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