How to Buy Smartphone and Pay Monthly with EasyBuy

If you want to get a new smartphone phone and you don’t have the money required for the purchasing of the phone we have good news for you, as EasyBuy can help get a brand new smartphone while you payback every month. In this article, you will get to know how to buy smartphone on credit and pay monthly with EasyBuy.

EasyBuy Mobile is a new service in Nigeria that allows customers to purchase phones and tablets on credit. You can take your ideal phone home with a 30% down payment and pay the rest in installments. If you need an Android phone right away but don’t have enough money to put down, EasyBuy Mobile is the place to go.

It’s a device financing site that enables Nigerians to buy phones from popular manufacturers like as TECNO, Infinix, iPhone, and Samsung offline.

This service is quite handy, and many Nigerians have already used it to get their dream phone. There’s no need to be concerned about the complete payment; if you earn regularly, you can easily contact them and receive your preferred phone number.

How Does It Work?

EasyBuy is a platform for device financing. It has worked with the major smartphone brands mentioned above to provide users a point-of-sale loan to purchase the phone of their choosing from any brand. They require a 30% down payment and details regarding the user’s monthly income. This procedure enables them to have faith in others and get a POS loan to buy. You can also read How to Retrieve Your Data From a Damaged Phone

They make money by charging interest to their customers. They currently have two plans available for this purpose. Pay a little extra as interest under both plans.

If you’re using the 3-month plan, you will be charged 6% interest, and if you’re using the 6-month plan, you will be charged 9% interest.

How to Use EasyBuy Mobile to Get Your Dream Smartphone on Credit

EasyBuy’s Mobile Shopping Guide

If you follow the instructions correctly, you should be able to buy your Dream smartphone on credit in around 4-5 days with the help of EasyBuy Mobile. If you contact low-level store agents, however, it could take up to two weeks.

We recommend you start by looking for a major retailer. Go to one of the above smartphone retailers and inquire about the executive’s EasyBuy service. You can also spot EasyBuy-eligible stores by browsing for Deals and Services posters. Checkout How to Sign a Document with your Phone in 5 Steps

Once you’ve located the store, you’ll need the documentation required below. You can’t use the EasyBuy Mobile platform until you have them. still on how Pay Monthly with EasyBuy

EasyBuy Requirements

  1. BVN
  2. Driving License, Voter Card
  3. Debit Card or ATM Card

Besides having these documents, you will also need to inform them of your monthly income so that they can determine whether you can pay the installment. Go to any approved retailer, such as Oki Street, Lagos, Spectrum, Otigba Computer Village, 3C HUB Zenco Plaza C, once you have the documents.

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