Story Of Alvan Ikoku, The Man On Ten Naira Note

Have you ever imagined who the man whose face appears on ten naira note is? Well, in this post we’ll be looking at a brief story of Alvan Ikoku, the Igbo Man whose picture is on Ten Naira note.

Alvan Ikoku was an Educationist who doubled as an activist, politician and statesman (Nationalist). He was born on the 1st of August 1900 in Abia State, Nigeria.

The father, who is an Igbo man, got married to his mother, who is an Efik lady that hails from Cross River in Calabar. He had to his name great achievements, which will made him one of the most talked about in Nigeria’s history.

He schooled at Arochukwu Government Primary School and went further to Hope Waddell college in Calabar.

Alvan Ikoku served as a teacher in Anambra State, and through an external program, got a degree in philosophy from the University of London in 1928. He also got married to an Efik woman known as Goomsu and was blessed with six (6) children.

The first indigenous private school was established by him, which he named Aggrey Memorial College in Abia State in 1932.
He called for free education to primary school children in 1962, which was accepted by the government in 1976.

After retirement, he worked with WAEC as a member and the Council of the University of Ibadan. He was opportune to be the chairman to Board of Governors of the Aviation Training Center.

This great icon died on the 18th of November 1971, as a result of a stroke, at Aba General Hospital.

Honours That is Attached To The Story Of Alvan Ikoku

  1. He was the first Nigerian to receive a university degree as an external student.

  2. In Imo State, a Federal College of Education was named after him.

  3. In 1965, he was bestowed with an honorary Doctorate in Law by the University of Ibadan.

  4. A major road in Abuja was named after him.

  5. His face adorned the ten (10) Naira note right from 1979 due to his devotion to Nigeria.

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