Nigerian Army Ranks and Salary Structure 2024/2025

Nigerian Army

Are you interested in learning about the ranks and salary structure of the Nigerian Army?Join us as we look into the hierarchical positions and corresponding earnings within the Nigerian Army, providing valuable insights for those considering a career in this esteemed organization. You may also like to check Nigerian Army SSC/DSSC Recruitment Portal. The Nigerian Army … Read more

Nigerian Army SSC/DSSC Recruitment Portal 2024/2025

Nigerian Army

Are you a Nigerian with aspirations to serve your country with honor and dedication? The Nigerian Army is currently extending an invitation for eligible individuals, both civilians and serving military personnel, to apply for commission as officers under the Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) and Short Service Commission (SSC) categories. This guide provides essential information … Read more

How to Join Nigerian Army as Graduate

How to join Nigerian Army

Are you a Nigerian graduate aspiring to serve your country with distinction? Joining the Nigerian Army as a graduate offers a pathway to rapid advancement in rank and a fulfilling career in the largest branch of the Nigerian Armed Forces. Before we continue you may also be interested in knowing how to join Nigeria Police … Read more