Bank of Agriculture (BoA) Loan Application Portal – Apply here

Bank Of Agriculture Loan

The Bank of Agriculture (BOA) loan is an initiative through which the federal government of Nigeria reaches out to farmers with funds to augment their farming businesses in Nigeria. By farmers, we mean all individuals involved in all kinds of agriculture, from poultry to fisher, piggery and other arms of farming. Here we shall focus … Read more

Agricultural Loan In Nigeria and Requirements 

profitable Agric businesses in Nigeria

In Nigeria, agriculture is a state policy that has existed years. In order to assist farmers produce more for food sufficiency and security, the Federal Government of Nigeria rolled out several agricultural loan schemes designed to assist farmers with funds to support their farming in order to increase output for local consumption and export. Also … Read more

How to Start Poultry Farming in Nigeria (Beginners’ Guide)

How to Start Poultry Farming in Nigeria

In Nigeria’s agricultural sub-divisions, poultry farming is listed as the most commercialized among all. The livestock industry is very important to the socio-economic growth of Nigeria. Livestock farming contributes about 10% of the agricultural GDP to the economy of Nigeria, whereas UNDP 2016 report pointed to a total of 150.682 million chickens in Nigeria. Here … Read more

7 Most Profitable Agric Businesses In Nigeria

profitable Agric businesses in Nigeria

Do you want to venture into farming? If ‘yes’, we will show you the seven profitable agric businesses in Nigeria to try out for. Before crude oil became the well of money, agriculture was the biggest source of income generation for the entire country. Unfortunately, the government diverted its attention away from agriculture, focusing only … Read more