5 Steps To Start Snail Farming (Beginners’ Guide)

If you are interested in starting snail farming, we are here to share with you the step-by-step processes you need to follow to become a snail farmer in Nigeria. By following these steps, you have a very good chance of making a good profit in a matter of time.

Snail FarmingBefore we get to know the steps, let’s first discuss about the materials you need for a start. Also check how to start poultry farming (beginners’ guide)

Materials needed for Snail Farming

  • Up to 20 square meters of equipped area
  • Food (for the twigs) leafs and mollusks
  • A fertile soil containing some elements
  • Terrarium for gastropods

How to start snail farming business

Now, let’s discuss the steps or processes that you have to follow if you want to start snail farming:

 1. Decide the Snail Specie

In farming, there are various kinds species for both crops and animals. Therefore, it is important that a farmer decides on the species of the snail they want to rear. Interestingly, research found that the ‘Achatina Achatina’ specie is the best for the African climate. This should be what you go for.

2. Set up your snail house

Build a place where your snails will be kept. It is important you build with more space in mind to enable the snails move around for grazing. While the house should be escape proofed, ensure there overcrowding the house with snails, as they need space to grow.

3. Purchase the snails

Having built the snail house, you are to buy your snails at this point. The best to buy at this point is the grown-up size. Check the snails to ensure they are in good health and old enough to lay egg. The sign that a snail is mature is its grown lip.

4. Feed and care for the snail

Snails can be fed with mango, okra leafs, cabbage, eggplant, cucumber etc. and, as soon as they become mature, fertilization can take place. Importantly, situate your snail house on a good soil with excellent humidity and temperature.

5. Harvesting and sales

For high profit, it is important you allow the snails to grow into full maturity before you harvest them for sales. Ensure that you do not sell all the mature snails in your farm because you will need some of them for further breeding.

How much does one need before starting snail farming?

In a country like Nigeria, it is possible to start snail farming with a budget of N60,000 – N100,000. One interesting thing is that, within one year, you can grow and harvest up to 1,000 snails twice.

Source: Nyscinfo

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