How to Get Into South Africa without Being Rejected 2021

This article looks at how you can get into South Africa without being rejected.

Owing to an increase in the number of tourists denied entry into South Africa in recent days, we at believe it is necessary to educate would-be travelers on how to avoid being denied entry and to highlight some common mistakes or oversights made by visitors to South Africa.

How to Avoid Being Reject Entry Into South Africa

Have Enough Money

A baseline travel allowance is required to avoid being denied entry into South Africa.

Have a Hotel Reservation

Even if you’ve been invited by a relative, it’s expected that you have a completely confirmed hotel reservation.

Have a Letter of Invitation

If you don’t have a letter of invitation, make sure your host is a legal resident. Besides the letter of invitation, a lady traveling with her husband should seek a downloadable copy of his passport data page and a copy of his resident permit from him.

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Know Where You Are Going and Prove It

You should be able to prove the address or location you’re visiting.

A tourist passenger was recently asked to pick a few sites he wanted to see. Because he could not pinpoint a single location, he was denied admission to South Africa by the immigration authorities.

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Know The Person You’re Visiting

You must be acquainted with the individual you’re visiting. A man and her two grown-up daughters arrived at Johannesburg airport recently. They were asked why they were there. They stated that their goal is to attend their son’s and brother’s wedding. They were asked to name their in-law, but because they did not know her name, they were denied admission to South Africa and were forced to return home.

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Lack of Documents

To prevent being denied entrance to South Africa, you must have the essential documents to prove the grounds for your journey.

Ensure Your Visa Is Valid

Avoid getting to the border when your visa or passport is about to expire. And for a conference that is about to come to a close. These could lead to security personnel doubting your mission and refusing to let you into South Africa.

Traveling With Huge Luggage

Traveling with large luggage is not recommended. Also, refrain from assisting others with carrying or delivering bags. It could be used against you, causing you to be denied entrance to South Africa.

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These are practical facts that several travelers who were denied entrance into South Africa told us at, and we compiled them for you to help you avoid being denied entry into South Africa.

Updated: August 9, 2021 — 1:48 pm

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