NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment News Update for Today, 10th Feb 2023

All those who applied for the National Population Commission (NPC) Ad hoc staff recruitment should note that the ‘screening’ of applicants does not guarantee ‘approval’ on the NPC portal, as everything is just by luck.

If you went for the screening and you were approved, it is just a coincidence, as there are some applicants who were approved even before the screening.

Someone did the screening five weeks ago, but his NPC status is still pending up till now. And another person who went for the screening after (5 days ago) have being approved.

Someone was going for the screening. He checked his status on the way and noticed that he had been approval, he just turned back and go home.

Approval is by luck, not by screening. But that doesn’t stop you from going for NPC screening.

2 thoughts on “NPC Adhoc Staff Recruitment News Update for Today, 10th Feb 2023”

  1. Otomere Toritseju Mary

    I have asked this question repeatedly,when is the training day for supervisors, enumerators and co ordinator?No message up till now.

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