Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria (2021)

There is no doubt that everyone wants to make it big in life, with the so aim of living comfortably, and attend to personal needs without any form of financial difficulty. Some jobs pay high while some others pay very low. Here are the top 10 highest paying jobs in Nigeria.

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Currently, it is not that easy to secure a good paying job that can meet all those demands and lifestyle in this part of the world. And if paraventually one is lucky enough to secure a good paying job, it is important to know that it comes with hard work and grace.

The most necessary criteria required to possibly get a well paid job is good education. However, having a good education goes along with a good degree/certificate, exceptional skills and ability to work towards organization goals.

The competition in all sector is challenging though, but once you are qualified enough, there is a better chance that you will be gainfully employed into one of the 10 highest paying Jobs we are about to discuss on. Also check out: Top 10 Federal Government Jobs Not To Miss Applying yearly.

Top 10 Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria

Generally, all Jobs pays well depending on your role and position, but the jobs listed here worth being in the list of the highest paying Jobs in Nigeria.

In this list of jobs, we will have less concern about the figures they receive on monthly basis, but you should know that their pay is about a million naira upward, unlike the normal jobs where staffs receive an average salary of twenty thousand naira to three hundred thousand naira.

Below is the list of highest paying jobs in Nigeria;

1. Medical Job

In the medical field surgeon receive a mind-blowing sum as salary, not to talk about the incentives attached.

A surgeon is a doctor that carryout operations (surgery) on patients, and you barely come across an operation with a low cost. So, you can see why they receive millions of naira as their monthly pay.

Aside surgeons, doctors do have high pay salaries, and are highly respected worldwide.

2. Oil and Gas Job

Nigeria is understood to be among the very best oil manufacturing country within the globe, and top the chart in Africa.

The country’s economy depends on it, and for sure it has produced huge recognition and wealth which is used to run the affairs of the country. Since it generates huge sum, those working in this sector are also being paid high.

There are uncountable private firms that are into this business, because the sector favours anyone that invest in it. Those that studied petroleum engineering can never complain of being broke, as long as they are still working in the industry.

3. Aviation Job

Aviation has to do with aircraft, how it is being made and operated. This sector is one that pays well, especially to those that flies plane (pilots), and aeronautic engineers.
It will be a thing of joy if you happen to find yourself operating in this sector.

4. Clergy Job

Clergymen are one of those that receive steady high pay in Nigeria. Although it has to do with religion, but it made it to the list due to the kind of wealth they acquire. Some of this wealth comes from the masses as gifts, tithes, offerings, and contributed sum for salary payment. See Top 10 Richest Pastors in the World and Their Net worth.

5. Entertainment Job

Recently the entertainment industry has become a wealthy playground, especially the musical world.

Unlike the good old days when musicians barely have the resources to build mansions and buy exotic cars, now a well recognize musician have uncountable cars in their garage, for you to know how wealthy they are.

The entire industry is making it big, which tells that in the nearest future entertainment will gain an unimaginable stand in the world.

6. Programming Job

Programmers are another set of wealthy people in Nigeria, as the job pays better than lots of jobs out there.

They don’t necessarily need to work under any firm before seeing cash. All they do is to create a reliable program that can solve q particular problem and get paid for it.

For the fact that technology has gainfully helped the world to solve lots of problems, people expect programmers to come up with more creativity. And are willing to pay any stipulated amount.

7. Banking Job

The banking sector is one of the busiest on the list. Bankers spent almost seven to eight hours working on a daily basis, although it depends on the bank and position held. Their pay is quite encouraging apart from the marketers and contract staffs. Check out: the list of top 7 highest paying Banks in Nigeria.

8. Blogging Job

Blogging is the act of editing and designing of a blog/weblog. This is done by a set of person(s) known as bloggers.

Those who are into blogging tends to get a better pay after creating a blog for a client, maintaining/running a blog on behalf of the owners, and managing their personal blog. See how to create a website/blog with your phone (beginners guide).

For the fact that people seek information from the internet on daily basis, blogging will never be out from the list of “The Highest Paying Jobs in Nigeria”.

9. Multi-level marketing Job

Almost all the new products being produced are distributed through network promoting. This is a new strategy where you sell products of a person/company to someone u meet directly.

There is no doubt that some of this multi-level marketing works with pyramid idea, but the truth is that those who are deeply into it end up having good pay.

10. Business owners

Having your personal business pays more than many people assume. Especially, when you invest into the right sector.

All the income are in your disposal, and as the owner/CEO you own no one explanations on how the business is run. The success and downfall of the business is in your hands.

The above jobs in the list are compiled from our vigorous findings, and we’re pleased to let you know that we are always willing to update you with recent findings.

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