Top 10 Sites For Freelance Writing Jobs In Nigeria

Freelance writing is one of the highest paying online jobs in the world today. It is indeed a lucrative business that worth setting up. Here we will show you top 10 sites for freelance writing jobs in Nigeria.

Freelance writing is an independent writing works for more than one clients. Freelance writers are paid per writing assignment or batch of duties, and doesn’t work on a long-term basis with a client. You may also like to check: list of top jobs you can get without a University Degree or HND.

Types of freelance writing job

There are many names attached to freelance writers depending on the type of services they render:

  • Freelance Blogger – mainly on blog writing.
  • Content Writer – deals with different types of content (white paper, blog posts, eBooks, etc.)
  •  SEO Writer – They write highly optimized content for search engines as a way to rank high in Google search.
  • Content Strategist – deals more on creative and managing content
  • Web Content Writer – focus on providing content for the web
  • Ghost Writer – provides ghost  written works (not in your name) for eBooks, blog posts, website pages, email, white papers, and more
  • Professional writer – if you have worked as a freelance writer for a while, you can officially be called a professional writer.

However, to fully utilize your skills as freelance writer, many websites offer freelance jobs. See top 10 skills to learn in Nigeria as a Corps member.

Top 10 sites for freelance writing jobs in Nigeria

Below is the list of best ten (10) sites for Nigerian freelance writers;


Previously known as oDesk, it gives alot of freelance opportunities for people with various skills, including writing. You can quickly and easily be hired or find rewarding projects making your work more efficient.

Payment is usually made on time but, you also have to know that they charge freelancers a rather substantial service fee, and the good news is, the more you earn, the smaller the payment.


This has given alot of people an excellent opportunity to learn, connect, and communicate about careers and job openings.

Most professionals have LinkedIn profiles, which serve as an avenue for them to share with other professionals and stay in touch with the latest news.

You can look for freelance writing opportunities in the Jobs section and any other jobs you are qualified for.

When you create your LinkedIn profile, it will contain all the essential information about you as a freelance writer without a resume.


To start, create an account- free of charge and search for the perfect freelance job. When you match with a buyer, you agree on how you are going to be paid.

This website offers you the chance to decide what works for you and the client best. Then do your work!


Have you been having trouble getting a job in the media? Here’s a perfect website that can help you achieve your aim.

MediaBistro has lists of open positions at some of the biggest global companies, and many offer freelance writing work, or you can search for any particular company of interest.

You need to sign up for a job alert, to be able to get notifications on any recent openings.


Problogger came into existence in 2004. It’s an excellent opportunity for old school freelancers and bloggers that want to be professionals by offering useful tips and advice. Also, there’s a Jobs section for all the writers.


Indeed is a job searching platform for all kinds of jobs. When you search for a ‘freelance writer’ position, hundreds of openings will be shown to you with complete information about the beginning and the person or company hiring you.


This is a platform where both freelancers and clients work together to achieve results as quickly as possible.

Fiverr gives the advantage of adding a video to introduce yourself to your potential clients and advertise whatever you are selling. Other features are available to ensure efficient work.


Are you a competitive person, and you are competent in your skills? Freelancer is the choicest option for you.

All you have to do is to set up your profile, find the freelance writing jobs that suit you best, make a bid on the project of your choice and write a pitch describing why the client should pick you and not somebody else.


This company has been in existence since 1997 and is dedicated to freelance writing! There are temporary and

permanent openings for job seekers, useful materials that will help you improve your skills, and start earning more money.


This website is dedicated to freelance writers, and It is a handy resource for anyone looking for a job and some tips.

You can find the newest, freshest remote writing jobs that are sorted by type every day on this website, with a section of about 100+ websites that pay you to write.

Therefore, if you are looking for some exciting things to write about or try something different, this platform is an excellent opportunity for you.

With these outlined websites, what’s keeping you from having the best freelance opportunity and make your money?

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