What Npower Applicants And Nexit Benefits Wish For Today

The Federal Government of Nigeria who introduced the Npower initiative, had being making all necessary effort to get the program more effective. The program is actually created to support Nigerian youths in acquiring entrepreneurial and employability skills. While that of the NEXIT scheme is to create a reliable opportunity for the exited Npower volunteers to be self dependent.

These two entities (Prospective Npower Batch C Volunteers and the Exited Npower Volunteers) had come out to make their wish Today, through a networking platform/community where they had an elaborated discussion.

Their wish is being itemized below;

  1. Wish of the Prospective Npower Batch C Volunteers: The Prospective Npower Batch C Volunteers who think they have being patient enough in waiting for the program to begin fully, wishes that the FG of Nigeria kick-start the enrolment of qualified applicants with immediate effect.

  2. Wish of the Nexit program applicants (Exited Npower Volunteers): The wish of the Exited Npower Beneficiaries on the platform where they had the discussion is that, the management of the Nexit scheme should try as much as they could to begin the commencement of the various empowerment options covered by the scheme. As they are also tired of waiting for the program which they thought could have started long ago.

The delay experienced in both the Npower and Nexit scheme has made the youths who wish to be meaningfully engaged concluded that the FG has neglected them. And are using this medium to draw the attention of the government, requesting for sincerity on their part.

All hope is not lost though, as the government had given them the assurance in previous weeks that something will be done soon, regarding the commencement of the said programs.

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Source: Nyscinfo.com

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