What To Do If Your Phone Falls Into Water (very urgent)

According to Apple’s survey, liquid substance is responsible for about 32% of phone damages in the United States. Here we shall look at what to do if your phone falls into water. Also check how to remove water out of phone using mobile app.

Have your smartphone ever fallen into water before? Such can be a horrible experience regardless how powerful or costly your phone may be. Most phones cannot win a battle against water, especially if the owner doesn’t know what to do when their phones come in contact with water.

What to do if your phone falls into water

Below is what to do when your phone mistakenly falls into a liquid substance like water, beer, etc:

  • Quickly remove the phone from the water.
  • Remove the SIM and memory cards.
  • Open the back and remove the battery (for removable batteries only).
  • Dry the phone with a clean towel or any fabric.
  • Wait for 24 – 48hrs and then check the phone again to ensure it has dried.
  • Turn on the phone after 48hrs.
  • If it refuses to switch on come, try to charge the phone battery.

What you should never do

  • Do not dry the phone with a microwave as many people erroneously do. This could spark a fire outbreak in your house.
  • Ensure you do not power on the phone or press any button.
  • Avoid putting the phone in a freezer. This is because, when removed from the freezer, the ice defreeze and your phone will fall back to square one.
  • Do not split the parts to avoid impacting on the phone’s warranty.
  • Avoid banging, tapping or shaking the phone, as this can lead to more damage.
  • Don’t use a blower or drier completely. The heat from it could destroy the phone.
  • Avoid blowing air into it as it could cause the water or liquid substance to spread to other parts.


If after you charged the phone and it still cannot power on, take it to a professional phone engineer for further investigations to be carried out in order to repair it.

Source: Nyscinfo

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