What to reply when people call you Corper Shun

When people know you’re serving or see you on NYSC uniform or cap, they will begin to holler on you. Most often, they say “Corper shun”, “Corper wee”, “Otondo” and so on. So, in this article you will learn what to reply when they call you “Corper shun”.

What to reply when people call you Corper Shun

However, most of them that call you all these things, do not really know the meaning of those terms. But as a graduate, it is important you know the meaning and how to reply them.

‘Corper shun’ is a call to stand attention. So, when people call you Corper shun, they are calling you to shun. It is just like saying guard shun! Or platoon 10 shun!

So, they are saying you should stand at attention for them. They don’t know the meaning of what they are saying because there is no how you will stand attention for them.

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What to reply when people call you Corper shun

Now, you know ‘Corper shun is an order to stand at attention.
So, when they say “Corper shun!” Just ‘shun’ for them or reply “Ajuwaya”.

Ajuwaya means you refuse to obey an order from them to stand at attention, and that you will remain as you are.

They may still not understand, but that is the right response you should always give.

But if they greet you by saying “Corper we!”, you response should be ‘one’ not ‘waa’. It means we are one.


They may call you ‘Otondo’. Although, Otondo means novice, lazy, idiot, and so on but it does not necessary insulting.

Don’t get mad at anyone who calls you otondo. The person is not trying to insult you. It’s just for fun. So, when they call you otondo, just smile and go your way.

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  1. Ajuwaye In means relax after been call to shun, now you are saying it means you refuse to come to attention when you are ask too pls put more light on this

  2. But we were taught in camp that response to corper wee is waa…but here the article says response to wee is one…pls can u throw more light on this

  3. Dada Abimbola

    Please how do I go about a mistake on my PPA with contradicting PPA and local govt. PPA local govt should be North yet south was inputted

  4. Pls my next of kin details do not show up on my call up letter hope this won’t cause any problems for me?

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