Things to consider before choosing State during NYSC Registration

Things to consider before choosing State during NYSC Registration

During the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) online registration, Prospective Corps Members (PCMs) are required to select four (4) states of choice. In this article, we shall look at things to CONSIDER before choosing a state during NYSC online registration.

You cannot choose your state of origin and state of institutions because they will be removed from available states slot. This leaves you with other states to select from, and you have to think very well before picking any State.

Things to Consider before choosing a State during NYSC Registration

Below are major thing to consider before choosing a state during online registration;

1. Distance from home

Since prospective Corps members are not allowed to choose their state of origin. Choose States that are very close to your state of origin. But if you’re the type that like adventures, then choose states far from home.

2. Security

Some states in Nigeria are not safe to live because of security challenges. Please, do not choose States that are affected by boko haram, Fulani herdsmen and other bandits. Nigeria is volatile in the sense that a peaceful state today can become a war zone tomorrow.

3. Natural Disaster

Some state in Nigeria experience natural disaster such as flood, harmattan, and so on. States in north experience a great deal from harmattan while the south experience periodic flooding. Therefore, it is your responsibility to find out how bad a state is and how well you can cope.

4. Allowance

Every Corps member receives the sum of N19,800 as Federal government allowance. Aside the Federal allowance, Corps members also receive State allowance from the state government where they are serving.
The problem is that not all states pay this allowance to Corps members. So, you can consider choosing states that pay highest monthly allowance. Check out the list of state and how much they pay corps members.

5. Basic Amenities

It’s no longer news that some states in Nigeria are so poor that they cannot afford some basic amenities. States where the only city in the state is the state capital, and the chances of getting posting to the state capital is very low. However, this leaves corps members to the mercy of harsh environment.

6. Job Opportunities

Consider choosing states that have a lot of job opportunities for corps members to benefit from.

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