Why Npower Batch C Ought To Support Exited Volunteers

This very post is structured to look into reason(s) why Npower Batch C beneficiaries have to support Exited Volunteers, regarding the Nexit Program.

The Npower Scheme is one of the most talked and anticipated schemes set up by FG to empower the youths.

From records, about five hundred thousand (500,000) Nigerian youths have benefited from the scheme.

These are the Batch A and B volunteers, known as the Exited volunteers. Read also: Npower Batch C Stipends Payment Update

Nexit scheme is a special transition initiative introduced by the government through the ministry of Humanitarian affairs to assist the Exited volunteers.

It is solely meant to help them access other opportunities, and become self-reliant in the near future.

Currently, a stipulated number of one million (1,000,000) beneficiaries will be in the Npower Batch C payroll.

With the Stream 1 having five hundred and ten thousand (510,000) volunteers.

While stream 2 four hundred and ninety thousand (490,000) volunteers.

The on-boarded Batch C beneficiaries are to receive thirty thousand naira (N30,000) and ten thousand naira (N10,000) depending on their category.

This is the exact process the Exited volunteers passed through before disengaged from the program.

The Exited Volunteers are struggling to convince the government to begin the Nexit program.

The onboarded Batch C are happy to serve under the scheme for a maximum duration of one (1) year.

The Batch C beneficiaries need to support the Exited volunteers on their quest, as they will encountered same after the completion of their tenure once the Nexit program didn’t take effect.

It wouldn’t be nice if they went back to the street after serving under the Npower scheme.

This is a more reason they ought to support the Exited Volunteers in their quest.

Although, the government has assumed the Exited volunteers that the Nexit loan will soon be given to them.

The issue is that nobody knows exactly when it will kick-start. Making the persons involved think they’re being abandoned.

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