Why you should Visit Npower NASIMS Self Service Portal after End Of Test

It is unfortunate that not every N-Power applicant is aware of the N-Power NASIMS Self Service Portal. In this article, we shall look at reasons you should visit the self service portal after taking the N-Power Batch C Test.

The N-Power self service portal platform is still active and functional, as it was before the ending of the online test, which is a criteria to select prospective beneficiaries.

All applicants that took part in the N-Power test can access the self-service portal to update their profile.

How to locate the self-service portal

The N-Power self service portal is not new, however the portal is hosted on the Nasims Portal. Most people that wrote Npower test passed through the self-service gateway.

This platform is the main Nasims platforms where applicants did their records update. Applicants who discover that the records they uploaded wasn’t successful, can go back to the portal to update their records once again. They can still edit their profile.

Currently, anyone who visit test portal at https://onlinetest.nasims.gov.ng would be redirected to a different portal, which is the self-service platform https://nasims.gov.ng to enable them get the necessary support needed.

It is our pleasure to let our readers know that the ‘Nasims Self Service Portal’ is where the present verification process is going on, also applicants can check their verification updates.Therefore, any vital update from Npower can also be seen on the portal.

If you have any question regarding self service portal, go to the comment section below.

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  1. DubemFriday

    Please since the profile update date has expired, is there any way someone can make some changes again still?

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