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Cost of Canadian visa in Nigeria: when most people think about traveling outside Nigeria, one of the countries that come to mind is Canada. This is because Canada, over the years, has built an economy that is mostly reliant on foreign workforce. It is now home to many citizens of foreign countries because of its policy of inclusiveness, which allows it to accommodate people of different family and religious orientations into its system. Check out this post: proven way to get Canada visa in Nigeria.

Canada boasts of world-class university education, health sector among other social human needs. If you want to migrate to Canada as a student or for work reasons, this article will guide you on how to obtain a visa to the North American country and the cost of a visa.

Method of Canadian visa application

It is instructive to know, before we take you through the process you need to follow to obtain a visa, that there are two methods of visa application currently in Nigeria:

  • Online visa application, and
  • Offline visa application via Visa office centres.

Importantly, you can easily apply for the Canadian visa via the country’s official website on

If you are applying online, you must have the following materials in your possession;

  • Your credit or debit card, for making online payment
  • Camera, for taking a portrait of yourself
  • Scanner, for scanning of documents for upload.
  • Ensure you have a functional and accessible email address

Meanwhile, if you a valid work or study permit with plans to leave and return to the country someday, it is most appropriate to apply for a new visa before you leave Canada. Check out the Spain visa in Nigeria, application and requirements.

Tips for applying for Canada visa

  • Before you start filling the application form, ensure that you read through and be sure that you are eligible for the type of visa you are applying for, as your application can be turned down based on wrong type.
  • If you are an under 18, make sure you have proof of age and consent of your parents or guardian, who should also fill the application form in a space provided for them.
  • If you apply through the visa application centre, you are expected to pay the application fee.
  • When submitting your application form, it is most appropriate you do that in person, not via email. For family application, ensure you submit it as an individual, as you will be required to do biometric.

Categories Of Canadian Visa

  • Visitor Visa: the visitor visa is issued to individuals to stay in Canada for initial entry. This ranges from 6months to 2years.
  • Work Visa: work visa, as the name implies, is the type of visa that allows one to legally work in Canada while residing there, permanently.

In this category however, there are other kinds of visas:

  • Canadian Experience Class Visa: for the skilled people who have worked in Canada for the minimum of 12 months and can speaker either of English and French Languages, this is the type of visa to apply for.
  • Student visa: for those seeking to study in a Canadian university and have been giving acceptance letter, this type of visa allow such students to apply for the student visa to Canada’s immigration authorities. You will have to provide proof of financial capabilities to take care of the bills. Your passport will need to be verified by the Visa Application Centre.
  • Work permit: this type of visa is for foreigners who have received an offer of employment from a Canadian employer. Meanwhile, the Government Human Resources must first give approval for the employer’s offer to hire a foreigner through the Labour Market Impact Analysis LAIM. This is done to ensure whether there is a Canadian unemployed citizen who is qualified for the job.
  • Federal Skilled Worker Visa: for those who intend to live permanently in Canada, this type of visa is strictly for you. However, there are some processes that you need to pass through to qualify for this type of visa.

Cost of Canadian Visa in Nigeria

Below are the current estimated cost of Canada visa in Nigeria;

Cost of Canada Visitor Visa:

  • Individual – ₦29,750
  • Family – ₦59,500
  • Group – ₦89,250

Canada Student Visa Fee:

  • Study permission – ₦52,500
  • Student status restoration – ₦122,500 including ₦70,000 status and ₦53,500 student work permit fee.

Cost of Canada Visa for

Federal Skilled Workers

  • Application fee – ₦364,000. You will pay the same amount if you are processing with your partner and it include permanent residence.
  • Without your partner or spouse and permanent residence, it is ₦192,500.

Cost of Canada Work Permit

  • Open work permit holder – ₦35,000
  • For traveling group or members – ₦162,750.
  • Work status restoration – ₦124,250

Note: The above cost of Canadian visa in Nigeria are the estimated costs, not the actual price, and the cost can vary from time to time.

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