Why Your N-Power Shortlisted Status Changed To Not Shortlisted

The N-Power Batch ‘C’ recruitment exercise, which is currently on the stage of Biometric Verification (fingerprints capturing), is about moving to the next phase (deployment). This is so because most applicants have observed changes in their Nasims Profile. See how to check Npower deployment status for Batch C.

Also, it has gotten to our notice through some Npower Batch C applicants who were shortlisted in the Stream 1 Batch, that their Profile Status has changed from being ‘shortlisted’ to ‘not shortlisted’, as such situation seems weird to them.

The possible reason such situation could arise has being deliberated in one of our previous articles ‘how to avoid being dropped as one of the extra 50k Stream 1 applicants‘.

Out of the five hundred and fifty thousand (550,000) shortlisted Stream 1 applicants, fifty thousand (50,000) people will be dropped, therefore, it is believed that those whose status has changed to not being shortlisted were the ones dropped.

By this, it’s now obvious that all shortlisted persons have been scrutinized, and the most qualified were cleared for the next stage of the recruitment which is the deployment phase, where they will be sent to their designated PPA to begin work.

Any applicant who observed the change in his/her profile status shouldn’t be scared nor give up, as they might be shortlisted again in the Batch ‘C’ Stream 2 list that will be out immediately the management team concludes with the Stream 1.

A total of five hundred thousand (500,000) applicants is needed in the Stream 2 list that will be out soon, to make a one million (1,000,000) beneficiaries that will be accepted in the Npower Batch C recruitment exercise.

It pleases us to congratulate those who made it this far, as about one million eight hundred thousand (1,800,000) applicants took the CBT test and also updated their records, but they were lucky to scale through with the Stream 1 set. Also, the Stream 2 Applicants are being congratulated ahead, since there is still hope for some persons not to be part of the eight hundred thousand (800,000) applicants that wouldn’t make it as a beneficiary at the end.

Applicants not shortlisted yet are advised not to temper with their Nasims Profile, if they don’t want to experience failure (Not being shortlisted).

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Source: Nyscinfo

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