10 Npower Tough Questions Many People will Fail

N-power assessment test is easy to pass and also easy to fail. In this post, we shall look at ten (10) tough Npower questions that many people are likely to fail.

N-power questions usually come from current affairs, general knowledge, verbal & quantitative reasoning, and others.

The essence of Npower assessment test is to separate the sheep from goats, as about 70% of people that applied for this 2020 Batch ‘C’ programme will fail the exam, and be disqualified.

Graduating with 1st class or 2:1 does not mean you stand a better chance to pass the N-power assessment test. You can check out the N-power past questions and answers to see the kind of questions prospective beneficiaries will face.

Now, let’s show you the 10 tough N-power test questions that many people will fail.

10 tough N-power questions many people will fail

1) Which is the smallest fraction among the following?
Select one:
A. 3/4;
B. 6/7
C. 1/2
D. 6/5

2) If 2x : (x+1) = 3:2, what is the value of x?
A. ½
B. 1
C. 1½
D. 3

3) Which of the following is an example of a standard IP access list?
A. access-list 110 permit host
B. access-list 1 deny
C. access-list 1 permit
D. access-list standard

4) The surname of 40 children in a class were arranged in alphabetical order,16 of the surnames begin with O and 9 of the surnames begins with A. 14 letters of the alphabet do not appear as the first letter of a surname. What is the probability that the surname of a child picked at random from the class begins with either O and A?
A. 5/8
B. 7/8
C. 9/16
D. 14/25

5) Which of the following is the valid host range for the subnet on which the IP address resides?

6) The object definition language (ODL) is which of the following?
A. Used to develop logical schemas
B. A data definition language for OODB
C. A method to implement a logical schema
D. All of the above.

7) A clock strikes once at 1 o’clock (am or pm), twice at 2 o’clock (am or pm), thrice at 3 o’clock (am or pm) and so on. How many times will it strike in 24 hours?
A. 136
B. 78
C. 156
D. 196

8) Which of the following are the decimal and hexadecimal equivalents of the binary number 10011101?
A. 159, 0x9F
B. 185, 0xB9
C. 157, 0x9D
D. 155, 0x9B

9) The newly introduced N-power programme, Npower Tax is also known as_______

A. N-power Community Education

B. N-power VAIDS

C. N-power NOA

D. N-power SIP

10) Which is the correct ratio of chest compressions to rescue breaths for use in CPR of an adult casualty?
A. 5 compressions : 1 rescue breath.
B. 2 compressions : 30 rescue breaths.
C. 30 compressions : 2 rescue breaths.
D. 15 compressions : 2 rescue breaths.

Over to you! If your know the answer to any of the questions above, kindly tell us and also how you got it in the comment section below.

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