How to write a good Job Application Letter (with samples)

Application letter is a document that expresses applicant’s interest in a job, and shows why the applicant is the best candidate for the job. In this post, you will learn how to write a good application letter and get selected.

Submitting a curriculum vitae (CV) alone is not enough to be selected. Your CV has to be accompanied with an application letter or a cover letter to show why you are the best candidate for the job.

Most employers loves to receive application letter from applicants. However, understanding how to write a well structured, skilled and proficient application letter will enhance your opportunity of securing a job.

What is an application letter?

An application letter is a formal document that is written by job seeker to a potential employer expressing interest in a job position. Application letter is quite different from a cover letter. You can check out the difference between application letter and cover letter.

When writing an application letter, you should state your qualities as professional.

There are some qualities expected of you as a professional that will serve as an advantage to the employer, so you should state all of them in your application letter, as well as your personal qualities that will be beneficial to them.

The qualities may be your most essential and relevant skills, achievements and experiences that will caught the attention of the employer.

However, there are steps on how to write a good job application letter. Kindly take heed to the steps below as it will help you get your desired job. See how to write best winning CV in Nigeria.

How to write an Application Letter

Below are steps to write perfect application letter;

1. Evaluate the description of the job

First thing to do when writing an application letter is to read and evaluate the description of the job.

The job description is the easiest parameter that a job seeker should take note of.

Having the understanding of what the job requires and what its description is, will help you compose a perfect application letter.

2. Create an outline

If you create an outline when writing an application letter, it will make your letter a well structured and composed one.

This particular step should be noted because it will make it convenient for you to write a good application letter. It only requires you to think systematically and make a draft like it is usually done in essay writing.

Avoiding this step will make it difficult for you to write a flawless application letter.

3. Use good heading

As we all know that every formal letter has an heading. As such, understanding the appropriate heading to use when writing an application letter is also a crucial step on how to write a good application letter.

In doing this, you should also put the employer’s name or the name of the addressee on the head of the letter.

Example is given below;

(Your contact details)

Your name, Your address
Your email address
Your phone number

(Employer’s contact details)

Name of hiring manager 
Title of the hiring manager 
Name of the company
Address of the company

4. Use good salutation

Salutation is an important part of every letter. Therefore, using an appropriate salutation is also one of the essential steps in writing an application letter.

Often times, the salutation is what an hiring manager will firstly see when they open they letter. Therefore, you must be careful on the use of your salutation so as to avoid the unexpected.

When writing an application letter of which you know the name of the employer that will examine the application letter, you should use “Dear + (employer’s name).

If you don’t know the name of the employer that will examine the application letter, you should use “Dear Sir/Madam”

If you are very sure that the hiring manager that will vet the application letter is more than one, then you can use “Dear Sirs/Madams”

5. Describe your Interest

You have to concisely describe key features that makes you perfectly qualify for the job. You write this in the first paragraph of the letter where you show interest in the job position.

This paragraph is the first paragraph that the employer will take look at and it must draw the attention of the employ. You must however write it in way that it will look fascinating to the employer.

6. Outline your qualifications, skills and experience

After showing your interest in the first paragraph, the next paragraph should entails your qualifications, skills and experience.

Remember that whatever you write here should be corresponding to the description of the job. The job description is the key expectation of the employer from the potential employee. Therefore, this should be your focus of strength. If this is properly written, you stand a chance to win the heart of the employer.

7. Make it concision

You have to make the letter concise enough. Your application letter should not be more than one page. Writing application letter or cover letter of more than one page is out of sense! You should not stress your potential employer with a voluminous letter. They may get tired of it!

However, it is excluded when writing for a position of senior or chief lecturer where you will have to state a lot of experiences, academic qualifications and achievements so that you can be seen as the perfect choice for the job.

8. Make your closing attractive

Attractive closing also draws the attention of the employer. Therefore, if you want to be recognised and called for interview, your closing paragraph must be catchy.

This will make the employer to look at your letter as the most qualified one among others and as a result, you are getting the opportunity.

9. Proofread

This is another essential step in writing your application letter. After all you have written, you have to read and examine it again to see if there is error and you correct it. Failure to do this may cost you to lose the job opportunity. Therefore, read it again and correct any possible error (either systematical or grammatical error).

Kindly remember to electronically write your letter and print it. Do not submit a mare hand written letter.

Sample of an Application Letter

The sample below will serve as a guide that can help you when writing your application letter.

Michael Jason
20 Mokin Road,
Ilara-Mokin, Ondo,
July 15, 2020.

John Lawrence
ABS Enterprise,
Ilara-Mokin, Ondo,

Dear Mr. John,
I am writing to you in regard to the advertorial for the position of an accountant I found online at
I have a sincere and great interest in this position and I would greatly appreciate your consideration as a candidate for the job.

In my previous experience, I worked in accounting departments to analyze, supervise and coordinate account operations

I have worked in my present role as a senior accountant for the past five years. Prior to this job, I worked as account analyst for two years, which shows my capability to progress in my career.

I am very reliable, dependable and trustworthy, this makes me earn trust and confidence from people. I have passion in supporting my organisation to meet her economic and financial target.

I also love providing pragmatic solution to financial problems, which I am confident of, that it will be a great opportunity in the position with your company.

Since this position deals with sensitive works, I strongly believe that my creative and analytical mind will help me excel.

I have strong communication and calculative skills which are very essential to success in the accounting department. I also have a bachelor’s degree in the University of Ife. Throughout my education, I worked with skilled accountant who have shared the knowledge and experience in the field with me. Some of my strongest skills are my ability to work effectively without supervision and my proficiency in using SPSS software to ensure fast and accurate calculation and recording of transactions to boost the financial record of the organization.

I sincerely appreciate you for creating time to go through this letter and I look forward to hearing from you regarding the next phase of the employment process. I will be glad to hear from you if you have any question to ask me or you want me to provide any other information.

Michael Jason

This is a comprehensive information on how to write a good application letter. I hope you find it useful. Now you can go ahead and write a perfect application letter.

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