How to write best winning CV in Nigeria

For an effective chances of being considered for employments, medical and non medical internships or industrial attachment. It is advised to write a good sellable CV in Nigeria in a manner that will suit prospective employers.

It is no news that most Nigerians don’t pay keen attention in adding main key points in writing their CV’s and only think that the needed items are educational background, job experience and or personal information.

More ingredient is required to be included apart from the above while compiling your CV.

Your CV says so much about you. It shows your description about yourself in your own terms and expression, your breakthroughs, how you manage your time and your personal details, etc.

Note that every testimony you provide in your CV should be well organized and well presented. Also, see how to write good cover letter.

Try to include your “selling point” at the forefront and then the less attractive qualities should then follow suit.

The organization of your CV in Nigeria is crucial. You have to organize your content, layout, template, font size and type, spacings, bullets and borders in such a way that it will be attractive to your employer so as to achieve your aim of being considered for hiring.

The only difference between an individual with with 2 years working experience and another individual with 5 years working experience is in the manner in which both of them presents their working experience.

The main factor in your CV in Nigeria should be, profile, job experience, breakthroughs, training, educational background, personal information, hobbies, and referees (usually 3)

Be aware that any template can be amended to suit a particular job requirements at any point in time. It only needs a touch professionalism and you are good to go!

How to write best winning CV in Nigeria

Below are guidelines to write winning CV in Nigeria.

1. Layout/profile

An objective profile is necessary for a good CV in Nigeria. It simply means that it should be brief and exact to the point.

It should summarise your good qualities ,and also where you are coming from and where you hope to be. It shouldn’t necessary be more than three sentences.

2. Job experience

Your job experience should include the company’s name, your rank,your job specifications and the period of active service.

The address of the company is not necessary except when you are apply for job outside your city, state or country. See top CV mistake that you should avoid.

Your experience should follow a sequential (from most recent to older). Please remember to always use present tense when doing your present job description.

3. Breakthroughs

This is the list of outstanding achievements you have made so far. It can include an outstanding academics performance, an award, an achieved targets, good records, etc.

Your breakthroughs are required to add an extra mark with an intending employer.

4. Personal information

Your personal information which includes your name, sex, state of origin,marital status, etc are not mainly important.

It serves as a shortcomings in many instances especially when the job has to do with age, so don’t make it the first thing an employer sees because it can “make or mare” you before your CV is given proper considerations. So endeavor to keep your personal information towards the ending part. See samples of good written CV.

Key points to remember when writing CV in Nigeria

  • Use bold and legible fonts
  • Chose simple grammar
  • Endeavor to be focused and make sure that your area of specialization are well spelled out.
  • Make sure that your CV reflects that you are an achiever and also relate it to the durations spent.
  • Don’t add what you are not at least 80% certain of.
  • Make your CV at most three pages except when you several job experience.
  •  Make sure you can defend whatever you included in your CV.
  • Finally, make it simple and exact to the point.

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