5 Mistakes To Avoid During NPower Online Registration

During Npower online registration, a lot of aspirants make mistakes which ruin their chances of being selected for the programme. In this article, we will show you five(5) mistakes to avoid during Npower online registration.

The N-power registration portal will open to accept new applications for 2020 Batch ‘C’ on 26th June, 2020.

The official registration portal shall be any of the following addresses:

We urge every prospective candidate to read and practice Npower Past Questions and Answers because they will write Npower exam after registration.

To be among those that will be selected for Npower programme, please avoid common mistakes listed on this page.

Mistakes to avoid during NPower online registration

Below are five(5) common mistakes that you should avoid during Npower online registration:

  1. Do not use Cyber cafe operators e-mail address for your registration: Please, use your own personal email address. If don’t have an e-mail address, you can create one with Gmail using your smartphone.

  2. Avoid using poor network during registration process. If you have poor network, you may encounter error due to massive traffic access to the portal. Try to use a strong browser such as chrome to access the Npower registration portal.

  3. Before you apply, ensure the required credentials are available at your disposal. If there need to resize document, do that on time before starting registration. You may need to resize; passport, Id card, etc.

  4. Avoid double registration or duplicate registration. Do not register more than once.

  5. Ensure that your BVN details correspond to the information you supplied during Npower online registration.

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