For B.SC, HND, NCE and ND, holders that want to apply for Npower

Do you have any of these qualifications: B.SC, HND, NCE and ND, and you want to apply for Npower recruitment? Kindly read the information on this page to see what to do to be selected among 400,000 Nigerians that will benefit from Npower Group C programme.

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Online registration for N-Power Batch ‘C’ is going to start on June 26, 2020 and the Npower Portal is going to open on that same day at noon. The date and time were made known to the public by the Federal Ministry of Humanitarian, disaster management and social development.

To apply for Npower programme, you must have valid BVN.

2017 Batch A and B Npower Beneficiaries are going to be transited to government entrepreneurship program. More details on this later!

Required qualifications for Npower programme

With any of the following educational qualifications you can apply for 2020/2021 Npower recruitment programme:

  • SSCE
  • NCE
  • OND
  • HND
  • B.SC, M.SC or Ph.D
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But, we advise you to apply with your B.SC, even if you have Ph.D or M.SC.

5 Npower application mistakes to avoid

Here are 5 mistakes that can disqualify your application right from first steps (during online registration);

  1. If your BVN name is different from your registered name. When this happens, the system will automatically disqualify you from first step.

  2. If you fill wrong account number or BVN. The system will automatically disqualify you.

  3. If you select wrong qualifications during Registration. Example; if you are HND graduate and you select B.SC. You will be disqualified

  4. If you fail Npower test. Npower test is very simple and easy to pass questions. So, if you don’t pass it, you will not qualify for physical verification. See Npower past questions and answers.

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  5. All former Npower Beneficiaries have been automatically disqualified before Registration.

Required data for Npower application

Below are some data you need for Npower online registration:

  • Name
  • E-mail
  • Phone Number
  • Bank Account Number
  • Bank name
  • State origin and LGA
  • Residential Address
  • State of Resident
  • Category (Nteach, Nhealth or N-agro)

Second Stage

After you have passed the first stage, these are the documents you need for physical verification:

  • BVN slip
  • Educational Qualification
  • National Youth Service Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Local Government Identification letter.

How much is Npower beneficiaries’ salary?

The Npower graduates category is being paid N30,000 monthly. But non-graduates category are paid N10,000 monthly.

How to apply for Npower recruitment programme

To apply for Npower programme, see how to apply for Npower 2020/2021 programme.

Ensure you supply accurate information during your online registration to avoid payment issue when you start receiving your allowance.

Keep following this website, we will show you tricks to pass Npower exam. But for the main time check out Npower Past Questions and Answers.

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Updated: June 23, 2020 — 4:04 pm

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  1. Please can I get npower building question on my Email

  2. Sir please am NCE holder I applied for ntech now am hearing is not for us, can I reapply sir

  3. Please sir can i use notification of result instead of certificate to apply because i am yet to collect my bsc result and schools are not resume yet. Thanks

  4. Sir,if my date of birth is 13/02/1985 can I apply for N-power recruitment?

  5. Ogundare Rofiat Ajoke

    Please sir I mistakenly registered for nhealth using Nce and am unable to edit my profile , please am I still qualify and can I still edit my details after submission?

  6. sir help i have nce which post should i apply ?

  7. For one in Estate management what can I apply for in npower registration

  8. I have NCE and I already applied for n-teach since that’s my field.
    And I’m just knowing that NCE can’t apply for Ntech. What should I do?

    Please, respond.

  9. Pls is NCE not qualified for nteach? Yes or No pls.

  10. Please admin, Am trying to apply for Nteach with NCE but I can’t save and continue on the portal after selecting Nteach but the telling me to complete require field sir, what should i do

  11. Please sir with NCE certificate what is advice to apply for since I can’t apply for N-Teach?

  12. Franklin okechukwu

    Can OND holder apply for NAgro

  13. Pls Sir i hv been trying to apply with my OND but is not showing save and continue for me to save and move to next.

  14. Pls sir I try to apply but the problem is that when you choosing Ncehe did not save so why sir how can use to save pls

  15. As an ND holder what category of n power can I aplply for

  16. Pls sir Which category is good for a person that hav OND in quantity surveys

  17. Pls sir which one can HND in Accounting go for

  18. Bowoade oluwatosin

    Which of the N-power can I collect with NCE result,since I can’t apply for N-teach with Nce

  19. I do not have print out if my bvn details, can i still apply?

    1. You don’t need the printout, you just need your eleven digit BVN.

  20. Bowoade oluwatosin

    Can I employ for n-teach with NCE results

    1. No. You’ll need NYSC discharge certificate.

  21. which portal is good for filling of npower

    1. Sir helf me to apply with nce he did not save and continue why say how can use sir

  22. Can OND holder apply for N. Teach?

    1. No. You need NYSC discharge certificate. But, you can apply with OND for N-Health category if you studied any health sciences related course, such as Medicine, Microbiology, Nursing, Public Health, Botany, Midwifery, Psychology etc.

  23. pls sir my date of birth and the one in voters card are not the same.4/8/1991 instead of 5/8/1991.are my qualify for Npower

    1. Yes of course. You’re good to go.

    2. Please I opened 2 account when I was unable to receive mail when I registered. Hope I am not disqualified?

      1. Not qualified, if it is only email you entered.

  24. Gud evening sir, apart from other section in the npower, can I apply for n. Teach as OND holder?

  25. my qualification is NCE
    can i apply for Npower program

  26. Which category Will I apply as an NCE holder

  27. Plz i studied Health science @ level, but the criteria requirements for health. health science is no listed unless public health and health education. Hope it doesn’t create any change in my application

  28. Pls admin I am Toheeb sir I want to ask if I can apply for npower with my OND but my result is still on hold in sch due to some financial issue but can I still apply, pls I need reply ASAP

  29. Same thing is applicable to me. What of if the physical verification comes up before our POP. My own POP will be around Oct.

    My second question is that how much are they paying ND holder?

  30. I have statement of result but have not done my nysc because am not through with internship can I apply

  31. I,m Favour
    Please how do we know the category that doesn’t require nysc certificate?

  32. Adedara priceless oluwatosin

    I am priceless I just finished my BSC but not serving yet can I apply for Npower ?

  33. Please sir the name on my bvn is different from the one on my certificate. Can I apply? Am also a serving corp member

  34. Please sir which category does not required NYSC certificate

  35. Please can I apply without the Local govt identification letter since I have state of origin?

  36. Please Admin, I don’t have my B.Sc certificate at hand now because the original is still with my school. So can I upload my statement of result instead? Is it acceptable?

    1. You can apply with the Statement

  37. Good evening, my own issue is different age on my certificate and bvn, which one Will be preferable to use for registration.

  38. I will be glad if the past question can be in PDF format so it will b easy to access on our phone anytime.
    Thanks for this

  39. Please am passing out next month (nysc) can l apply without my nysc certificate?

  40. Abdulmalik abubakar

    I am abdulmalik abubakar a HND graduate 2020 Bach A, please should I apply with my HND with out NYSC Certificate, if I can apply like what you have answered, during decumentation if they ask about the NYSC certificate what should I tell them

  41. Aminu Lawan Mustapha

    Hello I’m Aminu Lawan Mustapha pls I’m awaiting NYSC graduate can I apply Npower without NYSC certificate?

  42. My question is this….what if we have hnd result but no nysc certificate to show…..can we still register

    1. You can apply for Npower category that does not require NYSC Certificate.

  43. Please Admin am still serving presently I mean NYSC but will be passing in few month is it advisable to Use my OND CERTIFICATE or HND??

      1. Admin. pls why am I unable to apply
        The site keeps saying it can’t be reached

        1. Be patient, portal will open on 26th

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