7 Ways To Get A Good Job After Your NYSC 

To get a good job in Nigeria is very difficult not because the rate of unemployment in the country is at its peak. A company that wants to recruit only two staff will meet about 3,000 applicants. So, about 2,998 will not get the job.

As you can see, the competition is very high, making the probability of getting a job too skinny. In this article, I will show you seven (7) ways to get a good job after your NYSC.

After graduating from the university, the next is usually the one year mandatory National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). And after NYSC, graduates are pushed to the labour market where they wrestle with unemployment.7 Ways To Get Good Job After Your NYSC 

Seven (7) ways to get good job after your NYSC

Below are seven ways you can get a good job in Nigeria;

1. Build Network with People

There is nothing more powerful than your network. Your network is actually your net-worth. Build a network with people who will be more likely to help you get to your destination in life.

You need to understand that one of the ways labour market works is by endorsements from people. There are many people who get to the governor of their states through the network.

You can even start building your network by meeting successful people around you, showing them how good and capable you are.

You can easily get an endorsement and recommendation from them, and that will help you on your way to get a good job after your NYSC.

Let take this example how networking works: Michael is the manager of recruiting company, but you don’t know Michael but you know Johnson, and Johnson knows Emmanuel who is friend to Michael.

So, through Johnson, you will get to Emanuel and through Emanuel you will get to Michael. You will not be wrong if you call it connection.

2. Write top quality CVs

Your CV is your senior advocate, it gives the employer first impression about you. It is so unfortunate that many graduates don’t know how to write good CV, instead they use CV that is obsolete and insufficient to apply for all the jobs.

Don’t use one CV to apply for different jobs, always tailor your CV to suit a particular job description. Check out: Key points to note when writing your CV to increases your Chances

If you are serious about getting a job after NYSC your CV is one of the first things you should look at, just get it right.

3. Offer to work for free or for little pay

I know this sounds hilarious! ‘Working for free’? ‘Yes’ you heard me well, but it is not all you see is all there is! I wrote an article, titled ‘why you should accept N50k job or less after your NYSC‘, you can read it up.

Below is what you stand to gain when you work for free or for little pay;

  • Since Good jobs required some years of experience, you can garner the required experience that you can use to hit your dream job.
  • Assuming you walk into a company and offer to work for them for free, if you are a graduate, you may end up being offered a job by the company when there is vacancy if you have proven how good and capable you are.

4. Subscribe for e-mail updates of reputable Job Sites

There are many reputable job site in Nigeria that publishes job vacancies daily. You can get on their e-mail list to receive their regular published job vacancies from various companies and recruiting organizations. Study the jobs that fall within your career aspirations to know the requirements and qualifications plus skills they require.

5. Follow Companies

Many good companies have a website. You can follow news and information on several companies in your target job category so you can be informed on new areas of job opportunity within those companies. Since you have less to do, follow up sources that will help you land a job after NYSC

6. Join LinkedIn to increase your Chances of getting a good job

LinkedIn is a useful social media platform that have catapulted many to their dream job. Build a very professional profile.

Let your LinkIn profile be more like a resume, then connect with professionals, companies, managers, etc. If you have not joined LinkedIn, try to join.

7. Submit unsolicited job applications

Yes, don’t always wait until an organization starts recruiting before you submit your job application letter.

Many jobs do not appear on the papers or on the job sites. If you research a company well enough to know the decision makers and all about how you can be of help to them if they hired you, then you can write a convincing application letter to all the decision makers explaining why they should give you a job in the organization.

Tips: Using courier to deliver your letters will always make the secretaries handle it with respect and most times you may just make an impression on them and get a call.

Thank you for reading this article, remember to submit a cover letter alongside your CV when applying for a job. If you have any question or contribution, kindly use the comment section below.

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  1. Thank you Mr Humphery. I applied 3 and 7 now am working with a good company in Lagos. God bless you for me

  2. Mary Onuorah

    Thanks for this wonderful article.

    please can you show me a good way of writing a cover letter

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