Can A Graduate of College of Health go for NYSC

A lot of concerned individuals have been asking if someone who graduated from the College of Health go for National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) programme. The most recent question that was sent to our desk is, “Will I serve in NYSC after finishing from College of Health or School of Information Management?”

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Well, the direct answer is ‘yes’, but unfortunately not for all the courses/programmes offered in the Colleges of Health. So, whether you will go for NYSC or not largely depends on the course that you studied. We will give you a clear explanation, just pay attention to the information below.

Programmes in Colleges of Health Technology

Below are three (3) type of basic programmes that Colleges of Health Technology run;

  1. Regular National Diploma (ND)

  2. Regular Higher National Diploma (HND)

  3. Certificate (Diploma Courses)

Regular ND and HND Programmes at College of Health

Those who are admitted for the regular National Diploma (ND), and later proceed to Higher National Diploma (HND) programme at college of health will be mobilized for the NYSC programme after graduation.

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Interested candidates can follow the steps below to qualify for NYSC:

  1. Get admission to study ND programme at any college of health through Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB).

  2. After gaining admission, ensure you complete a 2-year ND programme.

  3. After your ND programme, go for one year Industrial Training (IT) in any recognized establishment.

  4. Purchase a HND form from the same college or another to get a Higher National Diploma (HND) Certificate.

With a HND Certificate from College of Health, you are eligible to go for NYSC provided you are not over 30 years. Check out: how NYSC Calculate Age Limit for mobilization.

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But those who do not want to proceed for HND programme at College of Health, can purchase JAMB Direct Entry form to move over to a University where he/she will study the related course.

College of Health Certificate (Diploma) Programme

Admission to this programme are usually not through JAMB. And you are not eligible to take part in NYSC if you finished under this programme. Below is the list of Courses offered under this programme;

  • Health Assistant,
  • Medical imaging Technician,
  • Pharmacy Technician,
  • Food and Nutrition, etc.
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Warning! Only HND and University Bachelor’s Degree holders can take part in NYSC programme irrespective of your institution of graduation. Therefore, if the certificate issued to you by the college of health is not HND, there is no NYSC for you. In other words, if you are admitted into the College of Health Technology for the college of health certificate (diploma) course only, you are not eligible for NYSC.

Also, if your admission into the college of health is not through JAMB but you are awarded with HND after graduation from college of health, you need to do JAMB regularization to qualify for NYSC.

Important Note

  • If you really want to go for NYSC, we advise that you go for ND and HND programmes at College of Health Technology.
  • Not all the College of Health Institutions offer ND and HND programme, so be careful!
  • Check out the list of institutions that go for NYSC.

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