Do You Think BSc Holders Are Better Than HND Holders?

Hello everyone, I’ve come again with an interesting question, ‘do you think BSc holders are better than HND holders?’

If you are in support of BSc, read this article: Advantages of HND over BSc. But if you are in support of HND, read 10 Reasons why BSc is better than HND.

After reading the recommended articles above, you can come back here to share your view.

I, Humphery will be your Host on this mind disturbing topic that has caused more harm than good.

About 2 months ago, we published an Article Why you should not graduate with First Class. This sounds crazy, but after reading it you will bow.

It is obvious that polytechnic graduates face discrimination on a daily basis. But I want to assure you that polytechnic is not as bad as people think.

Polytechnic graduates are not poor academically, but some people have decided to label them as weak and discriminate them.

This is dangerous because it gradually killing technical education in Nigeria as many people now want to go to university.

Yes, a lot of Nigerian youths now flock around the universities gate only, and would rather stay at home than to choose Polytechnic.

You may say what about huge number of students in polytechnics across Nigeria. The truth is that about 98% of them have attempted to study in universities, but after failing to secure admission, they had no other option.

As a matter of urgency, our government should find a way to end HND discrimination. Because it is actually killing the morals of our young generation.

If the government cannot address the dichotomy between BSc and HND, they should either scrap Polytechnics or allow them to award Bachelor’s Degree.

Do you think BSc holders is better than HND holders

Now, answer the following questions;

  • Do you think BSc holders are better than HND holders?
  • What do you think that government should do to end HND Stigmatization?

Drop your answer in the comment section below.

1 thought on “Do You Think BSc Holders Are Better Than HND Holders?”

  1. Yes Bsc holders are better than Hnd holders
    We lead (Bsc holders) while others (hnd holders) follow😂😂😂

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