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How to apply for NYSC relocation after 3 months of service

The Nation Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has provided an opportunity for every Corps Member to be able to apply for relocation after 3 months of their service year.

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This entails that anyone who missed relocation at the NYSC orientation camp still have an opportunity to apply for relocation after 2 to 3 months of leaving the orientation camp.

In the past, Corps Members were only given the opportunity to relocate/redeploy during 21 days in the orientation camp, so after the orientation camp, there won’t be any other opportunity for redeployment processing. But not just long ago, the management of NYSC decided to extend relocation period till after 3 months of leaving the orientation camp.

This is really a good news, since Corps members have now the right to relocate even when they are already working at their various Places of Primary Assignment (PPA)

Please, permit me to explain what we actually mean by ‘relocation after 3 months’ with an illustrative example. I really want everyone to understand it very well.


Let say John was posted to Benue state, and when he got to NYSC orientation camp in Benue state, instead of John to apply for redeployment when other Otondo were doing, he was busy chasing beautiful girls around or maybe he had no intention to apply or maybe he applied but it was pending. So, after the orientation camp, John was posted to his PPA, and everything seemed so good for him. but not just long ‘John’ started hearing that Benue is not safe for any Corpers to live due to the menace of Fulani herdsmen.

So, the fact that John did not apply for relocation while on camp does not mean that he cannot apply again after after 3 months of leaving the camp.

Or even if ‘John’ applied for relocation on camp, but it was pending…, he can re-apply after 3 months of leaving camp.

Note: If you want your relocation application to be accepted, it must genuinely be within the NYSC acceptable reasons.

NYSC acceptable reasons for relocation after 3 Months of service year

You might have several reasons you want to apply for NYSC relocation after 3 months of service. But your reasons won’t count unless they relate to any of the following:

1. Health

2. Security

3. Marriage

How to apply for NYSC relocation after 3 months

There are two methods to apply for redeployment or relocation after 3 months of your service year.

1. Apply through NYSC office: Go to your Local Inspector (Li) or to the NYSC secretariat, and tender your redeployment letter.

2. Apply through your dashboard: *Click here* to see how to apply through your dashboard.

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