How To Unblock Whatsapp Banned Number – Step by Step

Why you are banned and how to unblock WhatsApp banned number.

WhatsApp is one of the most downloaded instant messaging Apps on Android and iOS devices. However, its popularity has led to the development of many mod versions of which is unauthorized.

The modified version of WhatsApp offered extra features which made it popular over the conventional WhatsApp developed by Facebook.

The modified versions work like a normal WhatsApp allowing you to send messages to any person. For example, you do not need to worry about the version of the WhatsApp you are sending message to.

Using the modified version of WhatsApp is one of the reasons your WhatsApp account get banned. The modified versions break the Terms of Services of WhatsApp, though features offered by modified version of WhatsApp are appealing.

Now, let’s show you possible reasons your number is banned from using WhatsApp.

Why Your WhatsApp is banned

Below are possible reasons your WhatsApp account is banned;

  • You used the modified versions of WhatsApp.
  • Using WhatsApp to Spam (Sending Bulk Messages).
  • Creating WhatsApp group with unknown contact.
  • Many people reported you.
  • Dealing in children exploitation.
  • Selling illegal products or services.
  • Sending malware or virus files through WhatsApp.
  • Impersonating other users.
  • Spreading fake news
  • Promoting hatred, racial comments, etc.
  • Posting pornographic contents (nude pictures & videos).

NB: There could be many other reasons to get banned from WhatsApp.

Types of WhatsApp ban

Your WhatsApp account may be banned either temporary or permanent depending on the level of policy violation. Below are two types of WhatsApp ban:

1. Temporary Ban

A temporary ban last for few hours to a few days or weeks. This type of ban is mainly to warn users to check their mistakes. This ban is usually imposed on users if they use mods, send bulk messages, creating groups with unknown contacts, and so on.

2. Permanent Ban

This is a long term ban imposed by WhatsApp. It is not easy to recover from this kind of ban. This kind ban usually come if you continued to use modified version of WhatsApp even after a number of temporary bans. Also, when you are sending explicit messages, spreading fake news, sharing child exploitation messages services.

Note: The unlocking process may not work 100% especially in case of a permanent ban. WhatsApp may have a solid reason to keep your ban lifelong.

How to unblock WhatsApp banned number

Below is how to unlock yourself based on the reasons of your ban:

1. Temporary ban due to WhatsApp Mod

If you are temporarily banned because you used modified WhatsApp version such as WhatsApp Plus, GB-WhatsApp, etc. Follow the steps to unlock yourself.

  • Uninstall the modified WhatsApp version.
  • Open the App Store and download the WhatsApp.
  • Register with your mobile number (the one banned).

Note: After doing this, you will still notice the temporary ban is still on but the timer is constantly decreasing. Once the time is over, your WhatsApp will be back to normal.


2. Banned for sending Bulk Messages or Spamming

  • When you open the WhatsApp, you will see a message box with options,
  • Click support, and you will be redirected to the WhatsApp support page,
  • From support options, click “You question isn’t mentioned here”.
  • Write a message like this, “I did not know the Terms of Service, and the number is new to my Contacts. But I sent the messages only to the people I know. Please, I request you unban me from using WhatsApp”.
  • Wait until after 48 hours before you registering your number again. By then your are likely to be unlocked.

How to unblock WhatsApp banned number

3. Banned for some Basic Reasons

If you are banned for reasons like sending fake news, sharing unauthorised files, spam links, etc. You have chances to be unlocked depending on the level of violation. Send a message to the WhatsApp Support team stating that you are not aware of the mistake you made. You may regain access to your WhatsApp account.

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4. Permanently Banned

When you are banned for selling illegal stuff, child exploitation or sharing explicit content, hate speech, racial content, etc. It will be very difficult to regain access to your WhatsApp account.

The only last hope is to send a message to WhatsApp support to prove that you are innocent. If you see a message “your number is no longer enabled to use our service”. Then it is practically impossible to unlock the number.


Note: WhatsApp can only ban a particular mobile number from using their services. So, you can register another number on WhatsApp and continue using their service.

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