Important Things You Need To Know Before NYSC Online Registration

We will show you “Important things you need to know before NYSC online registration

The NYSC online registration for Batch A will commence on 14th February, 2020. CIick here to see the official time table.

So, as NYSC online registration is about to commence for 2020 Batch A. The following are important things you need to know;

1. Active ‘Gmail’ address: You need an email address preferable ‘Gmail’ for online registration.

2. Functional Nigeria Phone Number: You will need an active phone number for NYSC registration. Please, use your own phone number because NYSC will be communicating to you through the provided number.

Note: Foreign students should not use foreign phone numbers for NYSC registration, they shoul buy a Nigeria number.

3. Password: You can use your phone number or anything as your password. Whatever you use, just make sure you do not forget it.

4. Your fingerprint: During NYSC online registration, DO NOT allow anyone to thumbprint for you. If the system is rejecting your fingers, keep trying untill it accepts it but never allow another person to thumbprint for you.

***CIick here to see the full list of things you need in Cyber Cafe for NYSC online registration.

5. Lists for NYSC Mobilization: You will not be allowed to register if your name is not on the NYSC list. Click here to verify your name on NYSC lists.

6. Register on Time: You need to register on time or you will be among the leftovers that will be pushed to next batch. If you seriously want to serve with Stream 1, register on time.

7. NYSC information: Do not forget to like and follow NYSC information on Facebook for constant updates. CIick here to ‘Like & follow’ NYSC on Facebook.

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