Investing In Npower Volunteers – A Good Means of Expanding Opportunities

When talking about building the workforce/manpower of a Nation, then the youths must come into consideration. Part of the best options in thinking about expanding opportunities in Nigeria is to willingly invest in the youths of the country, especially the Npower Volunteers, who are the future young leaders. Check out the official Npower Cut off mark!

Nigeria Government should be aware that to curb situations like insecurity, the first issue that must be tackled is that of unemployment of youths. Read this: Npower e-Screening For 2021 Batch C Applicants Ongoing.

Empowering the youths (young generation) of this great nation must be seen as a serious obligation. It is affirmed that the Government of Nigeria knows what is good for the masses (citizens), hence this topic should be seen as a welcoming one.

The major reason why the country is facing insecurity challenges is due to lack of seriousness, will, and sincerity in supporting the youths who needed reliable Empowerment that will get them out of street crime.

An excellent example is the five hundred thousand (500,000) exited Npower beneficiaries (Batch A and Batch B) who were disengaged, and left in the street for months now (since last year) with no other option other than waiting for the transition opportunities which that Government promised them, but seems to be taking much time than expected.

For things not to get worse in regards to the decisions of the five thousand exited beneficiaries, FG needs to hasten up with the Implementation of the transition programs (Nexit scheme), which will be a platform for Exited Npower beneficiaries to start dealings of their own businesses, and possibly employs workforce.

The Nigeria Government should also fasten the recruitment of the Npower batch C Applicants, so that more youths will be engaged instead of being idle.

From this piece, we all should hope for a better Nigeria.

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