Keystone Bank Salary Structure in Nigeria (Current)

Are you looking to secure employment at Keystone bank? Have you searched for information about how much Keystone pays its staff but your efforts have returned unsuccessfully? Or, do you want to know how much you will be paid based on your qualification, position or the department you are likely to work at when you eventually get employed? If your answer to the above questions is “yes”, then you have to pay keen attention to every detail of this article as we take you on a journey to knowing the Keystone bank salary structure and how much you will probably earn when you get there. Also check how to use Keystone bank USSD (*533#) for transactions.

Like other banks, Keystone has a salary structure in place, and this was designed to cater to the financial remunerations of individual staff depending on their qualifications, position held and its roles, as well as the skill set of the staff occupying that position. While the senior staff officers are understandably the highest earners in the bank, like in other organizations, the entry level staff at Keystone bank are not poorly remunerated either.

They are rewarded for their performance and commitment to their respective duties within the bank. Apart from the monthly salary, Keystone also has a loan package for its staff. Attractive, right? Surely!

Keystone bank salary structure

At Keystone bank, the staff are categorized into graduate trainee, entry level staff, credit analysts, branch managers etc. their salaries are different and in line with their roles and responsibilities. Although they are competitive as well. Now, let’s find out how much staff earn according to their levels.

1. Graduate Trainee Salary

In every organisation, a graduate trainee is a newly employed staff who is sent on a mandatory training for a specified period of time to be trained to perform the duties for which he or she was employed efficiently. Keystone often leverage on this training to introduce them to the banking system and give them their first banking experience. For a graduate trainee, their salary, which is often described as training allowance, is N43,000 per month.

2. Entry Level Staff Salary

The entry level staff is the permanent employ of the bank and this is the least level that such an employ could staff from. Upon completion of the required training, they get paid between N60-N70,000 every month.

3. Loan Officers’ Salary

The loan officers are responsible for the granting of, and recovering of loans for the bank at their due dates. Because of the task involved in their roles, they are well paid. Their salary is near N573,000 monthly. Fantastic, right?

4. Credit Analysts Salary

One of the critical functions in the bank is credit analysis, which is a very difficult task. For this reason, analyst are paid N310,000 monthly.

5. Branch Manager’s Salary

Branch managers are the leaders at various branches of Keystone bank. They are required to effectively manage the affairs of every branch and report to the appropriate authorities within the bank. Their salary is around N732,000 per month.

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