How to Apply for MTN Solution Space e-Track Program

The E-Track Programme, which is run in collaboration with Ayoba, is a three-phase early-stage venture acceleration and capacity-building programme for high-impact entrepreneurs worldwide. The programme is meant to help teams establish scalable businesses with international potential using a high-touch scale-up methodology. In this article, we take a look at how to apply for MTN Solution Space e-Track Program.

Individual participants have the option of developing their own business idea or joining an established venture. The programme also provides a venue for corporate partners to engage in and collaborate on specific research and development goals. Read also MTN Foundation Scholarship Application Portal

E-Track Programme Phases

E-Track is a three-phase venture acceleration programme that addresses the various stages of venture creation.

  • The first phase is a five-week Venture Launch course that focuses on verifying the venture concept.
  • The second phase is a 12-week Venture Exploitation course designed to accelerate the development of the validated venture.
  • Phase three is a 12-week Venture Scaling course in which enterprises are supported by ecosystem partners and investors as they grow and thrive in their markets.

Requirements for MTN Solution Space e-Track

Below are the requirements for MTN Solution Space e-Track

1. Scale-Ups & High-Impact Individuals

We are seeking for scale-ups that are innovative and have a significant impact, as well as solutions that are relevant to the African market and have global potential.

2. Individuals and Teamwork

We are searching for high-impact individuals as well as teams. Individual participants have the option of developing their own business idea or joining an established venture.

3. Traction & Opportunity

The original concept formulation displays a thorough comprehension of the problem as well as a market demand or opportunity. There must be proof of early market testing, customers, revenue, patents, or other intellectual property filings to support the idea.

4. MVP / Prototype

The majority of our scale-ups arrive with a business plan, an early prototype of a product, and a couple of team members. They have a functional prototype with a minimal feature set that is ready for early-market testing in order to further establish product and market fit.

Process of Application

Below is how the selection process will be done, based on the application process.

Online Application

Individuals and scale-ups apply online prior to the start date of each E-Track Programme.

5 Week Venture Launch Programme Pre-Selection

Thereafter, the top scale-ups and individuals in the Venture Launch Programme are selected by UCT GSB Solution Space.  The 5-week training and preparation programme is intended to validate the enterprise opportunity and team.

Venture Exploitation Program for 12 Weeks

The top ten scale-ups are chosen to participate in the Enterprise Exploitation Programme for a 12-week period in order to accelerate the development of their venture. This is accomplished through a high-touch scale-up strategy aimed at concretizing the product and securing consumer buy-in.

Ventures Scaling Programme

The final stage of the programme intends to expand the enterprise beyond the partner markets. Investors, the partner, and subject matter specialists, such as a legal team, a tech team, and a business development team, help to facilitate the process. Throughout partner markets/opcos, entrepreneurs connect with investors, partners, and market specialists.

Visit the e-Track Programme’s official website for additional information and to apply.

Source: Nyscinfo

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