Nigeria Police Force NPF Salary Structure and Rank

Are you interested in joining the Nigeria Police Force (NPF) and embarking on a meaningful career in law enforcement? If so, understanding the salary structure and rank hierarchy is important. This guide provides insights into the Nigeria Police Force Salary and Rank, offering a detailed breakdown from entry-level positions to the highest-ranking officers.

Whether you’re considering a career change or seeking information out of curiosity, this resource will illuminate the financial aspects and career progression within the esteemed Nigeria Police Force. But before we proceed, you may like to read about the requirements for Nigeria Police recruitment screening.

The Nigeria Police Force Salary and Rank is the compensation structure and hierarchical positions within the Nigerian Police Force (NPF). This structure outlines the remuneration officers receive based on their ranks and positions. The salaries are determined by the Nigerian government and are periodically reviewed to reflect changes in economic conditions.

NPF Rank Hierarchy

In the Nigeria Police, ranks are organized into three categories: senior officers, junior officers, and non-commissioned officers. The senior officers, comprise the Inspector-General of Police (IGP), Deputy Inspector General of Police (DIG), Assistant Inspector General of Police (AIG), and Commissioner of Police (CP), hold the highest positions and corresponding salaries within the force.

The Junior Officers begins from the Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) to the Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP). On the other end, the Non-commissioned officers, comprising Police Constables (PC), Corporals, and Sergeants.

Each category features distinct levels, each with its respective salary scale. Here are the ranks in the Nigeria Police Force for a comprehensive understanding:

1. Police Recruit: A person undergoing training to join the Nigerian Police Force.

2. Police Constable (Grade Level 03): The entry-level rank, the lowest in the Nigeria Police.

3. Police Constable (Grade Level 10): Represents the next step in the Constable rank.

4. Police Corporal (Grade Level 04): Includes various steps with increasing salaries.

5. Police Sergeant (Grade Level 05): Involves steps with varying salaries.

6. Sergeant Major (Grade Level 06): Further advancement in the rank hierarchy.

7. Cadet Inspector (Grade Level 07): Beginning of the officer ranks.

8. Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) (Grade 08-09): Mid-level officer ranks.

9. Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) (Grade 10): Higher officer rank.

10. Superintendent of Police (SP) (Grade 11): Represents senior officer positions.

11. Chief of Superintendent of Police, CSP (Grade 12): Higher administrative position.

12. Assistant Commissioner Of Police, ACP (Grade 13): High-ranking officer role.

13. Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCP (Grade 14): Senior managerial position.

14. Commissioner of Police (Grade 15): Top managerial position within a state.

15. Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG (Grade 16): Commands police zones.

16. Inspector General Of Police, IGP: The highest-ranking officer, heads the entire police force.

Nigeria Police Salary Structure

Here are the salaries officers in the Nigeria Police Force according to their ranks:

Rank Salary
Police Recruit N9,019.42
Police Constable (Grade Level 03) N43,293.80
Police Constable (Grade Level 10) N51,113.59
Police Corporal On Grade 04 (step 1) N44,715.53
Police Sergeant on Grade 05 (step 1) N48,540.88
Sergeant Major on Grade 06 (step 1) N55,144.81
Cadet Inspector on Grade Level 07 (step 1) N73,231.51
Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) on Grade 08 (step 1) N127,604.68
Deputy Superintendent of Police(DSP) on Grade 10 (step 1) N148,733.29
Superintendent of Police (SP) on Grade 11 (step 1) N161,478.29
Chief of Superintendent of Police, CSP on Grade 12 (step 1) N172,089.06
Assistant Commissioner Of Police, ACP, Grade 13 (step 1) N183,185.73
Deputy Commissioner of Police, DCP, on Grade 14 (step 1) N242,715.65
Commissioner of Police, on Grade 15 (step 1) N266,777.79
Assistant Inspector General of Police, AIG, on Grade 16 (step 1) N499,751.87
Inspector General Of Police, IGP N711,498.00

Note: These figures are subject to change with government policies and reviews. The salary and rank structure reflects the hierarchy and compensation of officers within the Nigeria Police Force.

Nigeria Police Allowances

Aside salary, officers also receive various allowances aimed at enhancing their welfare and incentivizing effective duty performance.

Risk Allowance: Paid to officers in high-risk areas or those undertaking perilous duties, the Risk Allowance ranges from N10,000 to N40,000 per month, depending on the level of risk involved.

Rent Allowance: Designed for officers not residing in police barracks, the Rent Allowance varies from N20,000 to N30,000 per annum, contingent on the officer’s rank.

Transport Allowance: Providing support for transportation needs, this allowance ranges from N17,000 to N50,000 per annum, based on the officer’s rank.

Uniform Allowance: Allocated for uniform purchases, the Uniform Allowance ranges from N4,000 to N30,000 per annum, with variations linked to the officer’s rank.

Highest Rank: Inspector General Of Police (IGP)

The Inspector General Of Police is the apex position within the Nigeria Police Force, overseeing the entire law enforcement organization. Occupying the top tier of the rank hierarchy, the IGP is responsible for strategic leadership and decision-making. As of the latest information, the Inspector General Of Police earns a salary of N711,498.

Lowest Rank: Police Recruit

Police Recruit represents the entry-level position for individuals undergoing training to join the Nigeria Police Force. As the starting point in the rank hierarchy, recruits are in the early stages of their law enforcement career. The salary for a Police Recruit is N9,019.42, reflecting their status as trainees.

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