NPower Frequently Asked Questions

Here we will provide answers to the Npower frequently asked questions.

It’s important to note that Npower programme was established in December, 2016. That year, about 200,000 unemployed Nigerian youths between the age of 18 and 35 were given a job.


Now, let’s go into N-Power frequently asked questions.

NPower frequently asked questions

Below are the Npower frequently asked questions and answers for you:

What is N-Power?

N-power which means empowerment is a job and skill initiative programme in Nigeria which primary aim is to reduce the rate of unemployment in the country.

How can I change my phone number if I lost my NPower registered phone number?

You can always do ‘welcome back’ to retrieve your lost phone number. Please, note that some telecom companies like MTN may ask you to bring Govt ID Card and/or affidavit.

But if you cannot meet these requirements, contact N-power to change the phone number to your desired new number.

How true is N-Power survey?

The N-Power survey is real, go ahead to fill the form. The N-Power survey text messages being sent to some beneficiaries is from N-Power.

When will N-Power portal be opened?

We at will notify you once Npower registration Portal is opened to accept new application. Make sure you subscribe to our news update.

What is the official website of NPower?

The Npower official website is, you can also submit your application through their website.

What are the social media platforms of N-Power?

Apart from the phone numbers on which you can contact Npower, below is the list of the social media platforms of N-Power;

How can I join Npower programme?

You will have to wait till the portal is opened for fresh application. However, see how to apply for Npower recruitment.

When are the 2017 batch going to collect their device?

The option to select your N-Power device will soon be activated on your NPVN portal when arrangements are completed.

Will I have to write exam before I become Npower beneficiary.

Yes, the exam will be conducted online some days after registration ended.

How can I get Npower Past Questions and Answers?

To access Npower Past Questions and Answers, Kindly Click Here to get the complete questions and answers FREE of charge.

I saw ‘On Hold’ on my NPVN portal please what have I done?

If your NPower dashboard is on hold, it means you have an issue with the head of your PPA. Please, meet the head of your Npower PPA to sort out this, so that the hold will be lifted.

What does it mean for N-Power portal to be on hold?

It means you have violated some of the Npower rules at your PPA. So, for that reason, the head of your PPA made bad recommendation about you. The implication is that your N30,000 allowance will also be on hold.

How do I get Parent/Guardian for required for Npower programme?

To get details on how to get the form, kindly read this article: how to get Parent/Guardian for Npower registration.

I’m a Corps member, can I register for Npower programme?

Yes, you can…CIick here for more details.

If you have questions that are not covered on this page, kindly drop it in the comment section below.

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  1. Umar abdulaziz

    When I am doing my aptitude test, after I answered 18questions out of 20, before I conclude they changed the system of the portal that caused the end of my test, after I retried for so many times so that to finish answering the other 2questions but I found it difficult to accomplish, if I try to enter again it tell me that MY ACCOUNT HAS BEEN BLOCK CONTACT SUPPORT and up to now I don’t even how much I scored, pls assist me and guide me through, in order to know my score! And tell me how my stand

  2. I am an HND finalist of 2018 due to the covid19 outbreak,had to wait to do my clearance at abia state polytechnic, what level should I use to apply?

  3. Mohammed Suleiman Osana

    What about those of us that have already applied earlier today? What is our faith? Are we to still apply or we are already disqualified now?

  4. Kalu Abigail

    Can someone with Higher National Diploma who hasn’t gone for NYSC apply for nteach?
    Can a corps member who will be passing out in 4 months apply for nteach or nhealth?

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