NYIF Phone Numbers and Email Address for Complaints

Did you apply for Nigeria Youth Investment Fund (NYIF)? Are you having challenges, and need assistance? If ‘yes’, this post contains the NYIF phone numbers and email to send your complaints.

NYIF Contact Number and Email For ComplaintsThere are great number of persons that are having issues with the NYIF portal, especially as a result of registration glitch, and/or training issues.

These complains were brought to the notice of the Federal Ministry of Youth and Sports Development, and they decided to release an official email and phone numbers where applicants of the NYIF can forward their complaints.

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So, if you have any need to contact the NYIF management, feel free to call their number or send mail to their email address.

Note: When sending mail to NYIF, the body of your message should contain the following;

  • Full names of the applicant.
  • Email address.
  •  Phone number.
  • The batch followed during the training.
  • Training certificate number.
  •  State of origin.

NYIF Support Team Phone Numbers And Email To Send Your Complaints

The above information plus your complaints can be sent to the released NYIF contact numbers and email, as shown below;

  • nyif@youthandsport.gov.ng (Applicants all of Nigeria)
  • 07047024251 (Applicants from South-South region)
  • 07047598382 (Applicants from North-East region)
  • 08181127180 (Applicants from North-West region)
  • 08152947812 (Applicants from South-West region)
  • 07087792103 (Applicants from North-Central region)
  • 07087792103 (Applicants from South-East region)
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With the provision of the contacts, problems encountered with the portal will be easily corrected. Therefore, applicants should endeavor to forward their complaints following the guide on this post.

If you have not applied for NYIF, Click Here to get started. You can now get the NYIF business plan sample/template,

NYIF Training

If you’ve not been trained, join the NYIF YouTube training platform.

Always visit us for more updated information regarding the Nigeria Youth Investment Fund. registration process.

Have question? Kindly leave a comment in the comment section below.

Updated: December 21, 2020 — 4:19 pm


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  1. Hello good day sir/mam,
    My name is Adamu Abdulsalam
    My number is 08071117011 or 08022771822
    My state orig is Borno state
    My Email is adamsyj8@gmail.com
    I made a mistake for Email address when i was applying NYIF i can’t get anything from you to access in please correct it for me
    The wrong Email was
    The correct Email is
    Thank you all

  2. My name is Ashir Mahmud I have a mistake in Gmail please can tell me how to change it

  3. Good day sir,My name is Adamu Abdulsalam my phone number is 08071117011 or 08022771822 living in Borno state, first batch training
    I made a mistake during filling my form for NYIF i put wrong email which i can’t access in to do anything.
    I wrote 👉adamsy@gmail.com❌
    instead of👉 adamsyj8@gmail.com
    Please help me and correct it for me thank you all.

  4. My name is Anas Muhammad, I have made a mistake when adding my email during registration, which am not able to have access to the email and confirm my email token sent to me

  5. Dough Gabriel Terna.

    No mail sms

  6. My correct email:sheuahmed2016@gmail.com
    Show mistake: ahmedsheu2016@gmail.com

  7. Dear NYIF have verified my bvn but have not receive any link in my email

  8. Good afternoon.
    please, i have used some one email account while applying the NYIF and the email used was verified for his own application and cannot be verified.

    Please, how should i change the email to my own.

    Thank you.

  9. My correct Email Address is nafiumuhammed17@gmail.com

    Show mistake nafiumuhammed17 mai.com

    Thank you

  10. Please,how can I change my email?


      Good morning, you did not send me verification email yet, please what’s wrong I tried a multiple of time.

      1. Good night My gmail is usmandahirusk7@gmail.com. not is usmandahirusk7@gail.com thank you

  11. Good evening,
    I change my email Address pleas nafiumuhammed17@gmail.comcom

    I have mistake nafiumuhammed17 mai.com

    Thank you

  12. I hv email address issue,the one I used for the nyif registration is incorrect instead of aminasalihuprecious@gmail.com it shows aminasalihuprecious1994@gmail.com pls what should I do

    1. You don’t have a problem…creat that email you mistakenly used.

  13. Eze endurance enyinyi

    Pls I want to change my email address

    1. We have the same problem with you, if you find solution to the problem you can kindly help me please

  14. dear nyif ihave recieved nothing in my email address pls ineedhelp thankyou

  15. Oladele wasiu opeyemi

    After putting the BVN to the link I received for pre qualified
    I was feedback that I will be seen a mail to my email box

    But up till now I haven’t received any email message to fro NYIF

    please kindly help

    1. Tobi Elemchukwu Nnamdi

      Please I need all information about nyif

  16. My email address in the site is incorrect please how do I resolve that


      The confirmation email been sent to me but to verify when I click on it they said verification failed or service unavailable please help me

  17. I try more than 100 times but I don’t seen the conformation messages in my email

  18. Pls my Email address is salisuisah090@gmail not salisuisah909@gmail how can i solve this problem pls

  19. I have my submitted my bvn but I couldn,t received any email.

  20. My email is incorrect anttoniamatt2018@gmail.com..the write one is anthoniamathew2018@gmail.com…please what should I do

  21. Have not gotten my links

  22. Help me pls

  23. I have a problem in my profile nyif to my email address that I register with nyif the last time I register with salimsuraj2019@gmail.com is not my email the which I use with salimsurajo2019@gmail.com the only problem is email then I received the message of pre qualify in msm

  24. I have a problem in my email user name that I register with nyif then I try to rechange my email user name address the last one I use with salimsuraj2019@gmai the original my email is salimsurajo2019@gmail.com is my complain

  25. Dear nyif I received the confirmation email but when I want inter the link it saying me unable connect please I need your help

  26. Dear NYIF I have verified my bvn but have not received the link in my email

    1. Pls I never received any email after have verified my NYIF ,for the link

  27. Aliyu bilkisu babale

    Dear national youth investment fund (nyif) I didn’t receive my confirmation link

  28. Aliyu bilkisu babale

    Dear nyif hope we are among those that will benefitted thank you and God bless you all

  29. Old my email address is incorrect help me instead yusufagagi@gmail.com I put yusufgagi@gmail.com the mistake is only a help me put me a thanks

  30. Dear nyif my email is incorrect help me l need to correct it I, my applicant thanks

    1. Olayemi Oluwashola Joshua

      Dear nyif have verified my bvn I haven’t received any link in my email.pls kindly help me.

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